General Information


ACA CONCENTRATE is a product which improves crop production when used with anhydrous ammonia, liquid and dry fertilizers containing nitrogen. It is intended for use with ammonia by mixing with the liquid anhydrous ammonia prior to application or with other liquid fertilizers by mixing with such solutions prior to application. It can be used with dry blended fertilizers by impregnation on the dry fertilizers prior to application.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


When used with anhydrous ammonia, unless directed otherwise, meter .557 gallons (4.5 pints or 5.88 lbs.) of ACA CONCENTRATE into each ton of liquid ammonia. (This is equivalent to 1 gallon of ACA CONCENTRATE per 3589 lbs. of anhydrous ammonia or 100 lbs. of ACA CONCENTRATE per 34,000 lbs. of ammonia). This gives an ammonia solution containing .05% Zn, or 1 lb. Zn per ton of solution. Apply ammonia mixture by injecting into soil in the same way anhydrous ammonia is normally applied. Problems may be encountered in applying the ammonia mixture when flow rates through delivery tubes are low. This occurs when shanks are closely spaced and/or application rates are low. A white solid material can start building up in the tubes between the metering device and injection shanks, or in the injection knife shank tubes. This is caused by all liquid ammonia being flashed to vapor as it passes from regulator to knife when low delivery rates are used.

If enough solid material is deposited in the delivery tubes, they can begin plugging. To avoid or minimize this problem observe the following:

1. Install a pressure gauge (0-60 psi) in the manifold. If delivery tube pressure is below 18 to 20 psi during application, build-up will likely occur. A rise in manifold pressure during application will give the operator an indication that a build-up problem is starting.

2. The meter should be set to deliver 5 to 8 lbs. more nitrogen per acre than normal setting with straight ammonia. ACA CONCENTRATE apparently reduces flow through the meter, making calibration low.

3. Observe the following minimum application rates of nitrogen per acre:

Knife Spacing Inches:

Pounds of Nitrogen Delivered at Tractor Speed, MPH:

4. Make sure injection equipment adds the correct amount of ACA CONCENTRATE to the nurse tank. Too much can result in plugging occurring at higher application rates than usual.