General Information


VAULT, with BioStacked Technology, is a scientifically advanced seed enhancement system. VAULT is BioStacked with:

1. Rhizobia - Bradyrhizobium sp. (vigna)

2. Integral, an EPA registered biological fungicide that suppresses diseases such as Fusarium and Rhizoctonia for better plant health.

3. BioStacked Natural Plant Activator that stimulates young seedlings.

GUARANTEE: VAULT inoculant contains a minimum of 2x (10)9 viable cells of Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna) per milliliter.

Seed Treatment Compatibility: Some seed treatments can be harmful to inoculants. Contact your dealer/manufacturer or visit our Web site at for details. Please observe planting window recommendations for optimal responses.


In-Furrow: Treats Approximately 10 acres* See the table on suggested use rates based on row width.The concentrated liquid should be diluted with cool, clean, chlorine-free water and applied at 5 to10 gallons per acre for low volume sprayers, or 10 to 20 gallons per acre for larger sprayers. For a known row width, ensure that the equipment is calibrated to deliver the correct application volume of 1.2 fl. oz. of liquid concentrate per 1,000 linear row feet.


Inoculants are live organisms. Store inoculant and treated seed between 40-77°F (4-25°C), away from direct sunlight. Do not allow products to freeze. For more uniform temperature control, store at floor level. Ensure that inoculant is stored correctly in the field prior to use. Once opened, use within 24 hours. Do not use inoculant that is past its expiration date or that has not been correctly stored. Unless otherwise directed, do not mix inoculant with fertilizers or pesticides. If soils are especially dry at planting, any risk of damage to the inoculant can be minimized through light irrigation, if available. Under adverse or stress planting conditions (hot, dry field conditions), or on land that has not grown the specific legume in the past four years, it is suggested to increase the inoculant application rate.


A. Clean - Ensure the liquid application machinery is fully flushed of chemical residues before adding inoculant slurry to spray tank.

B. Configure - Select and install an appropriate flow regulator (orifice) disk in order to achieve a constant, uninterrupted stream of liquid into the furrow. Carefully adjust the position and flow of the liquid inoculant so that it falls directly onto the seed surface prior to covering in the furrow. Product efficacy may be limited if the inoculant is either applied above or to the side of the seed in the furrow.

C. Mix - Pour the complete contents of VAULT and its BioStacked components into the spray tank. Adjust the volume of spray to the required level using cool, chlorine-free water. Ensure that the Vault components are thoroughly mixed prior to use. To avoid any settling out of the nitrogen fixing bacteria, ensure that the spray tank volume is continually agitated during application.

The diluted Vault inoculant components must be used within 24 hours.

Do not allow diluted tank mix to exceed 80 deg F.


Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Recommended application rate (ounces per acre) Vault 1.1 gal. and Bio-Stacked components treats (acres): 9.5


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