General Information


This granular inoculant is intended to be applied in the furrow with the seed. It is a culture of highly effective strains of rhizobia (nitrogen-fixing bacteria) that will colonize the plant roots to gather and fix the \"free\" nitrogen of the air, making it available to the plants.

This product is designed to be added to the soil with the seed in the furrow. It is not a seed application. The granular material is placed in the herbicide or insecticide box and applied through the drill attachments or applicator for uniform distribution in the seed furrow. A greater amount of bacteria can be applied to the seed in this manner. Since both seed and bacteria are placed in the seed furrow, a protective environment, the bacteria have a greater chance of survival.

Drill granular inoculant directly below the seed in furrow. Use drill attachments or applicators to meter the material accurately (similar to applying small amounts of granular herbicides or insecticides). Use the equipment manufacturer's directions to calibrate before planting.


This inoculant is compatible with some seed treatments. However, certain seed treatments can be detrimental to rhizobia. Check with your dealer/manufacturer or see Web address for details. Please observe planting window recommendations for optimal responses.


This product contains a minimum of 1 x 108 viable cells of Bradyrhizobium sp. (Vigna) per gram.