General Information


Before using this VAULT HP Growth Enhancement System for Soybeans, please read all instructions carefully. Shake all containers well before opening.

This case and its enclosed contents are intended to treat 10,000 pounds of soybean seed when applied according to label directions. The VAULT HP System is comprised of three (3) components –

- Growth Enhancer (Component A)

- Integral biofungicide (Component B)

- Concentrated Rhizobia Inoculant (Component C)

Two (2) of each component are included in this case.

Open case contents only when ready to use. Any opened but unused material must be discarded at the end of each day. Always apply all three (3) components of the VAULT HP System together. Applying only one or two components will not provide desired results.

Use with an EPA-approved dye or colorant that imparts an unnatural color to the seed. (We recommend use of Becker Underwood colorants.)

The VAULT HP System may be applied either as a stand-alone seed treatment or as a simultaneous or sequentially applied application with other compatible seed treatment products as follows --

In a clean mixing container, thoroughly mix the complete contents of one (1) 43.2 fl. oz. bag of Growth Enhancer (Component A) with complete contents of one (1) 6.8 fl. oz bottle of Integral biofungicide (Component B) and complete contents of one (1) bag of Concentrated Rhizobial Inoculant (Component C). Continuous gentle agitation and aeration is recommended throughout the mixing and application process.

For maximum on-seed survival, mix and apply Vault HP system components separate from other seed treatment products.


Some seed treatment formulations can be harmful to the VAULT HP System. Please consult your distributor or Becker Underwood representative before applying this product with any other seed treatment product. Please observe planting window recommendations for optimal responses.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

If applied with a chemical seed treatment, the VAULT HP system may be applied at a 2.0 fl. oz/CWT rate with no additional water as long as the total applied liquid volume is at least 5.0 fl. oz per 100 lbs. of seed. A wet sequential application method using separate application nozzles is recommended for enhanced on-seed survival.