General Information

1. Shake well or agitate prior to use.
2. Fill mix tank one-half to two-thirds full with water. Start and maintain constant agitation throughout entire mixing and treating process.
3. Add seed treatment materials in the following order:
A. WSP (water-soluble packets or wettable powders
B. Dry Flowables
C. Liquid Flowables
D. Color Coat liquid colorant
E. Emulsifiable Concentrates
F. Soluble powders or liquids
G. Add recommended amount of Secure polymer
4. Bring the volume of slurry treatment mixture to the desired volume, with water.
5. To maintain a trouble-free application system, it is recommended that you back-flush your treating system at the end of each work day.

A jar test of all components in the slurry is strongly recommended to ensure compatibility and the correct order of product addition into the slurry prior to committing to a large mix batch. Always allow enough time between the addition of each component of a slurry mixture to ensure adequate suspension of the component prior to adding the next component.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

- Some variation may occur. Adjust the rates to obtain the desired color, and coverage due to the seed size, seed coat, conditioning equipment and total slurry.

- Rates may also vary depending on weight gain. Contact manufacturer for recommended rates and the other crops.