General Information


Afla-Guard GR is a biological control agent for displacing the strains of Aspergillus flavus (A. flavus) that produce the carcinogen aflatoxin. The active ingredient in Afla-Guard GR is a naturally occurring, nontoxigenic strain of A. flavus (NRRL 21882). The primary mode of action is by competition of the nontoxigenic strain of A. flavus with the toxigenic strains of A. flavus, which displaces aflatoxinproducing fungi in treated crops. Afla-Guard GR is for use on peanuts and corn (field and popcorn) only.


For aerial applications: Avoiding drift at the application site is the responsibility of the applicator. The interaction of many equipment and weather-related factors determine the potential for drift. The applicator and treatment coordinator are responsible for considering all these factors when making decisions.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Ground Application: Apply Afla-Guard GR at 20 lb/acre in a band over crop rows by using a tractor mounted Gandy box or by broadcast application. Apply at full canopy (40-80 days after planting). At the time of application, the width of a peanut row (measured from the outer edges of the foliage canopy) is ideally about 18 inches.

Aerial Application: Apply by air at 20 lb/acre broadcast. Apply as soon as practical after closure of the peanut canopy, within 90 days after planting.

Do not exceed 20 lb/acre per growing season.

Restricted Entry Interval

4 hours