General Information

ALLIGARE MSO is an oil-based spray adjuvant, designed for use with pesticides that suggest or require the use of an oil adjuvant. ALLIGARE MSO has been shown to boost the performance of products such as 2,4-D esters, SU’s and many other products where the use of an oil adjuvant is advised. ALLIGARE MSO can be especially helpful wherever weeds have become large, have thick, waxy coatings or are otherwise under stress. ALLIGARE MSO is used on agricultural crops, in forestry applications, in industrial and R.O.W. settings, in pasture and rangeland areas and in T&O or in any non-aquatic application.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

ALLIGARE MSO may be used at rates of 0.75 pint to 6 quarts per acre depending on conditions and weeds. The lowest rates should be used on weeds with thin wax layers under ideal conditions. Higher doses will be required when stress occurs causing thicker wax layers, if there are large numbers of weeds or with weeds that have naturally thicker waxy cuticles.

NOTE: Always follow the recommendations on the label of the active formulation.