General Information


Shark H2O Herbicide is a water dispersible granule formulation. Shark H2O Herbicide is to be mixed with water and applied to labeled crops for selective postemergence control of broadleaf weeds. Weed control is optimized when the product is applied to actively growing weeds up to 4 inches in height. Shark H2O Herbicide is a contact herbicide.

Shark H2O Herbicide is rapidly absorbed through the foliage of plants. To avoid significant crop response, applications should not be made within 6 to 8 hours of either rain or irrigation or when heavy dew is present on the crop. Within a few hours following application, the foliage of susceptible weeds show signs of desiccation, and in subsequent days necrosis and death of the plant occur. Due to environmental conditions and with certain spray tank additives, some herbicidal symptoms may appear on the crop.

Extremes in environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture, soil conditions, and cultural practices may affect the activity of Shark H2O Herbicide. Under warm moist conditions, herbicide symptoms may be accelerated. While under very dry conditions, the expression of herbicide symptoms may be reduced as weeds hardened off by drought are less susceptible to Shark H2O Herbicide.



Use ground sprayers designed, calibrated and operated to deliver uniform spray droplets to the targeted plant or plant parts. Adjust sprayer nozzles to achieve uniform plant coverage. Overlaps and slower ground speeds (caused by continuing to spray while starting, stopping or turning) may result in higher application rates and possible crop response.

Directed Sprayers

Shark H2O Herbicide may be applied with drop nozzles or other spray equipment capable of directing the spray to the target weeds and away from sensitive plant parts. Shark H2O Herbicide may be applied up to the maximum rate for the target crop for the control of larger weed sizes or weeds not controlled with lower use rates. Use appropriate rates of adjuvants such as nonionic surfactants, crop oil concentrates or methylated seed oils.

Hooded Sprayers

Hooded sprayers may also be used to apply Shark H2O Herbicide. Refer to the Hooded Sprayer Section on page 5 for specific adjustment and operation instructions.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Weed Suppression Only

DDA (Direct Dry Application) by aerial application using fixed wing aircraft only.


Early Post-Seeding Applications to Submerged Weeds:

DDA, without dilution in a liquid carrier, surfactant or crop oil, may be applied by air at the early post-seeding timing to wild rice.

Apply Shark H2O Herbicide at 4 to 7.5 ounces per acre (0.1 to 0.19 pounds active ingredient). Make application after the floating leaf stage through tillering. Wild rice should be well rooted and vigorously growing at the time of application. Earlier applications may cause unacceptable crop response. Hold the flood water static for at least five days after application of Shark H2O Herbicide.

Applicators must attend FMC Stewardship Training, follow the loading, application and equipment calibration instructions provided by FMC Corporation. All applications must be made using a FMC approved Shark H2O Herbicide DDA metering unit; all equipment must be approved by FMC prior to applying Shark H2O Herbicide.

Apply in swath width to insure even distribution over the entire surface area of the floodwater. The recommended swath width is 50 feet, do not exceed 60 feet. Do not apply at a release height greater than 20 feet above the floodwater.

To control weeds not listed on the label, Shark H2O Herbicide may be used in-sequence with other herbicides registered for use on wild rice. Refer to the other product’s label for restrictions on in-sequence-use, and observe all label precautions, instructions, and rotational cropping restrictions.


- Applications must be made by a Certified Applicator.

- Do not apply this product using Air Boats.

- Do not apply when conditions favoring drift exist.

- Do not apply when wind speed is greater than 10 mph. Do not apply during a temperature inversion.

- Users of Shark H2O Herbicide must hold the water on the wild rice fields for 23 days.

- Do not apply within 200 feet of sensitive crops: All broadleaf crops, tree fruits, nuts and vine crops.

- If heavy dew is present, it is recommended to delay application until sensitive plants are dry.

- Do not apply more than 12 ounces per season, including any combination use of the label and the section 3 label.

- Do not overlap application due to potential for crop phytotoxicity.

- Observe the restricted entry interval of 12 hours.

Pre-Harvest Interval

60 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours