General Information


Garlon 4 Ultra specialty herbicide is recommended for the control of woody plants and annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in non-crop areas, including industrial manufacturing and storage sites, rights-of-way such as electrical power lines, communication lines, pipelines, roadsides and railroads, fence rows, non-irrigation ditch banks, forests and in the establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings. Use on these sites may include application to grazed areas.

General Use Precautions and Restrictions

Chemigation: Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

When applying this product in tank mix combination, follow all applicable use directions and precautions on each manufacturer’s label.

Do not apply on ditches used to transport irrigation water. Do not apply where runoff or irrigation water may flow onto agricultural land as injury to crops may result.

Do not apply this product using mist blowers unless a drift control additive, high viscosity inverting system, or equivalent is used to control spray drift.

Sprays applied directly to Christmas trees may result in conifer injury.

When treating unwanted vegetation in Christmas tree plantations, care should be taken to direct sprays away from conifers.

Do not apply Garlon 4 Ultra directly to, or otherwise permit it to come into direct contact with grapes, tobacco, vegetable crops, flowers, or other desirable broadleaf plants and do not permit spray mists containing it to drift onto them.

It is permissible to treat non-irrigation ditch banks, seasonally dry wetlands (such as flood plains, deltas, marshes, swamps, or bogs) and transitional areas between upland and lowland sites where surface water is not present except in isolated pockets due to uneven or unlevel conditions. Do not apply to open water (such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, creeks, salt water bays, or estuaries).

Garlon 4 Ultra is formulated as a low volatile ester. However, the combination of spray contact with impervious surfaces, such as roads and rocks, and increasing ambient air temperatures, may result in an increase in the volatility potential for this herbicide, increasing a risk for off-target injury to sensitive crops such as grapes and tomatoes.

Grazing and Haying Restrictions

Except for lactating dairy animals, there are no grazing restrictions following application of this product.

Grazing Lactating Dairy Animals: Do not allow lactating dairy animals to graze treated areas until the next growing season following application of this product.

Do not harvest hay for 14 days after application.

Portions of grazed areas that intersect treated non-cropland, rights-of-way and forestry sites may be treated at up to 8 lb ae per acre if the area to be treated on the day of application comprises no more than 10% of the total grazable area.

Slaughter Restrictions: During the season of application, withdraw livestock from grazing treated grass at least 3 days before slaughter.

Aerial Application (Helicopter Only): For aerial application on rightsof-way or other areas near susceptible crops, use an agriculturally registered spray thickening drift control additive as recommended by the manufacturer or apply through the Microfoil boom, Thru-Valve boom, or equivalent drift control system. Thickened sprays prepared by using high viscosity invert systems or other drift reducing systems may be utilized if they are made as drift-free as are mixtures containing an agriculturally registered thickening agent or applications made with the Microfoil boom or Thru Valve boom. If a spray thickening agent is used, follow all use recommendations and precautions on the product label. Do not use a thickening agent with the Microfoil boom, Thru Valve boom, or other systems that cannot accommodate thick sprays.

Ground Equipment: To aid in reducing spray drift potential when making ground applications near susceptible crops or other desirable broadleaf plants, Garlon 4 Ultra should be applied through large droplet producing equipment, such as the Radiarc sprayer or in thickened spray mixtures using an agriculturally registered drift control additive, or high viscosity invert systems. When using a spray thickening or inverting additive, follow all use directions and precautions on the product label. With ground equipment, spray drift can be reduced by keeping the spray boom as low as possible; by applying 20 gallons or more of spray per acre; and by spraying when wind velocity is low. Do not apply with nozzles that produce a fine droplet spray. Keep operating spray pressures at the lower end of the manufacturer’s recommended pressures for the specific nozzle type used. Low pressure nozzles are available from spray equipment manufacturers. Select nozzles and pressures which provide adequate plant coverage, but minimize the production of fine spray particles.

High Volume Leaf-Stem Treatment: To minimize spray drift, keep sprays no higher than brush tops and keep spray pressures low enough to provide coarse spray droplets. A spray thickening agent may be used to reduce spray drift.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Foliar Treatments to Individual Trees (less than 6 feet in height)

Treatments can be made to small (usually less than 6 feet in height) trees or to trees that have resprouted after cutting or shredding. (This may mean the application will need to be done the year after cutting or, at least, in September or October after mowing the previous winter or early spring.wait at least 6 months after cutting). Mix 7 fluid ounces of Milestone or Milestone VM and 3 quarts of Garlon 4 Ultra and 1 quart (0.25% v/v) of non-ionic surfactant or 1 quart/acre of crop oil concentrate or methylated seed oil in enough water to make a total of 100 gallons of mix. Apply until foliage is wet, but not to runoff. This treatment may need to be applied again to trees that resprout after the initial treatment to achieve the desired level of long-term control. See above recommendations for waiting period prior to re-application.

Follow applicable use directions, precautions, limitations on the EPA-registered labels for Garlon 4 Ultra, Milestone, and Milestone VM.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours