General Information

GENERAL INFORMATION Valent Tank Cleaner uses:

Valent Tank Cleaner is for use in removing flumioxazin residue that may be left in a sprayer used to apply Valor SX, Valor XLT, Gangster, Chateau Payload or SureGuard.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Spray equipment, including mixing vessels and nurse tanks, must be cleaned each day following flumioxazin application. After flumioxazin is applied, the following steps must be used to clean the spray equipment:

1. Completely drain the spray tank, rinse the sprayer thoroughly, including the inside and outside of the tank and all in-line screens.

2. Fill the spray tank with clean water and flush all hoses, booms, screens and nozzles. The spray tank should be filled with enough water so that when the agitation is on, the water movement will rinse the entire inside of the tank.

3. With circulation on, add 1 gallon of Valent Tank Cleaner for every 100 gals of water (1% v/v), circulate through sprayer for 5 minutes, and then flush all hoses, booms, screens and nozzles for a minimum of 5 minutes. If diaphragms are being on the spray boom, loosen diaphragms before flushing the spray system, allowing cleaning solution to spray through the open diaphragm. If spray lines have any end caps, they must be loosened before flushing the system, allowing cleaning solution to spray through the loosened caps. For aerial application equipment, or other equipment with aluminum or other metal spray-lines, reduce the rate of the Valent Tank Cleaner to 2 qt for every 100 gals of water (0.5 x/x).

4. Tighten any loosened diaphragms and allow the cleaning solution to remain in the pressurized spray system (spray tank, hoses and boom) for 12 hours before flushing the system for a minimum of 15 minutes. A pressurized spray system is required to force the Valent Tank Cleaner into all parts of the spray system that may contain flumioxazin residues.

5. Spray rinsate on site approved for the pesticide being removed from the spray tank or by other procedures approved by appropriate authorities.

6. Remove all nozzles and screens, rinse them in clean water, and replace on sprayer.

7. Drain tank completely.

8. Add enough clean water to spray tank to allow all hoses, booms, screens and nozzles to be flushed for 2 minutes.

9. Sample of final rinse may be applied to a susceptible plant to ensure total decontamination.

Spray equipment, including all tanks, hoses, booms, screens and nozzles, should be thoroughly cleaned before it is used to apply postemergence pesticides.

Equipment with flumioxazin residue remaining in the system may result in crop injury to the subsequently treated crop.