General Information


Belay 50 WDG Insecticide is a broad spectrum insect control product, for control of a wide spectrum of insects infesting fruiting vegetables (including cucurbits), and leafy vegetables (including brassica vegetables). When applied as directed, Belay 50 WDG Insecticide provides excellent and long residual insect control.


- Regardless of formulation or type of application (soil or foliar), do not apply more than a total of 0.2 lb clothianidin per acre per season for all crops.

- If the maximum season limit of clothianidin as mentioned above has been applied and pest populations require additional treatments, use another registered pesticide that is not in the neonicotinoid class of chemistry.

- Do not apply by air.

- Do not incorporate an adjuvant with this product.


Belay 50 WDG Insecticide contains clothianidin, which is classified in the Group 4A of insecticide classes. Insect biotypes that have developed insensitivity to Group 4A (neonicotinoid) insecticides can eventually dominate the insect population in the same field. That is most likely to happen when Group 4A insecticides are used repeatedly in the same field or in successive years as the primary method of control for targeted species. This may result in partial or total loss of control of those species by Belay 50 WDG Insecticide or other Group 4A insecticides.

To delay insecticide resistance consider:

- Avoiding the consecutive use of Belay 50 WDG Insecticide or other Group 4A insecticides that have a similar target site of action on the same insect species and/or insect species inadvertently exposed to the applications (non-target pests).

- Using tank mixtures or premixes with insecticides from a different class of chemistry, which must be registered products for the same commodity and use pattern, with different sites of action can help to reduce the generation of resistance.

- Do not make foliar applications of neonicotinoid insecticides (Group 4A) after soil applications of Belay 50 WDG Insecticide.

- Utilizing a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM program while controlling insect pests.

- When possible screen treated insect populations for insensitivity to Group 4A insecticides.

- Contacting your local extension specialist, certified crop advisors and/or manufacturer for insecticide resistance management or IPM recommendations for the specific site and resistant pest problems.

For further information or to report a suspected resistance, you may contact Valent U.S.A. Corporation at 800-682-5368.


Neither the manufacturer nor the seller has determined whether or not Belay 50 WDG Insecticide can be used safely on cultivars of plants registered for use. Belay 50 WDG Insecticide has been tested on many cultivars with no phytotoxicity observed at label rates. Since all plant species and their varieties and cultivars have not been tested for tolerance, it is recommended that a small number of plants be sprayed to make certain that no phytotoxicity occurs, prior to any large scale application to plants. The end user assumes all risks arising from application of Belay 50 WDG Insecticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

Belay 50 WDG Insecticide can be tank mixed with other pesticides.

However, all plant species and their varieties and cultivars have not been tested with possible tank mix combinations, sequential pesticide treatments and adjuvants and surfactants. Conduct a spray mix compatibility and phytotoxicity trial under local conditions to ensure compatibility prior to any large scale use.


Foliar Application

Select spray nozzles which will provide accurate and uniform spray deposition. Use spray nozzles which provide medium sized droplets and reduce drift. To help insure accuracy, calibrate sprayer before each use. For information on spray equipment and calibration, consult nozzle manufacturers and/or State and County Extension Service.

Apply Belay 50 WDG Insecticide using sufficient water volume to provide thorough and uniform coverage. In situations where a dense canopy exists and/or pest pressure is high, use greater water volumes. Do not make applications under conditions where uniform coverage cannot be obtained or where excessive spray drift may occur.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Whitefly suppression only

Special Instructions

Make one soil application at specified dose in suffi cient carrier volume to insure uniform application in one of the following methods:

1. In a narrow band centered on the plant row in the bedding operation just prior to planting.

2. In-furrow spray at planting directed on or below seed.

3. As a sidedress to both sides of the row.

4. Post-seeding drench or transplant water drench.

5. Chemigation into root zone through drip, trickle or micro-sprinkler or similar equipment.

- Apply Belay 50 WDG Insecticide at planting.

- Belay 50 WDG Insecticide must not be applied during bloom or if bees are actively foraging.

Pre-Harvest Interval

7 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours