General Information


Seed treated commercially or for sale with TRILEX Advanced must be labeled in accordance with all applicable requirements of the Federal Seed Act. All bags containing treated seed must be labeled or tagged as follows:

- This seed has been treated with trifloxystrobin, triadimenol and metalaxyl.

- Do not use for feed, food or oil processing.

- Store away from feed and food.

- Do not plant any crop without trifloxystrobin tolerances until 30 days after planting treated seed.


TRILEX Advanced provides seed and seedling protection against seed-borne fungi causing seed decay and soil-borne pathogens such as Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, and Thielaviopsis basicola (suppression; for control add Baytan 30 to increase total amount of triadimenol between 0.021 and 0.062 pounds triadimenol per 100 pounds of seed). TRILEX Advanced is a concentrated formulation especially formulated for application using standard slurry or mist-type commercial treatment equipment. Not for use in hopper box, planter box, slurry box, or other farmer-applied applications. Consult a seed treatment specialist for proper guidelines in using TRILEX Advanced to insure uniform coverage of seed, thus ensuring seed safety and best disease protection.


Seed treated commercially or for sale must be dyed an unnatural color using an EPA approved dye before being sold.