General Information


SYNAPSE WG Insecticide is a Water Dispersible Granule formulation. The active ingredient contained in SYNAPSE WG Insecticide is active by insect larval ingestion leading to a rapid cessation of feeding followed by death of the insect. Application should be timed to coincide with early threshold level in a developing larval population. Thorough coverage of all plant parts is required for optimum performance.

Use in enclosed structures, such as greenhouses or planthouses, is not permitted unless specified otherwise by state specific supplemental labeling.


SYNAPSE WG Insecticide contains an active ingredient with a mode of action classified as a Group 28 insecticide – ryanodine receptor modulators. Studies to determine cross-resistance of Group 28 insecticides with other chemical classes have demonstrated no crossresistance.

However, repeated use of any crop protection product may increase the development of resistant strains of insects.

Rotation to another product with a different mode of action is recommended. Contact your local extension specialist, certified crop advisor and/or Bayer CropScience representative for additional resistance management or IPM recommendations. Also, for more information on Insect Resistance Management (IRM), visit the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) on the web at


For all insects, timing of application should be based on careful scouting and local thresholds.

Foliar Spray Applications

Ground applications: A minimum of 10 gallons of diluted product/A.

Aerial applications: A minimum of 2 gallons of diluted product/A. Aerial applications made to dense canopies may not provide sufficient coverage of lower leaves to provide acceptable pest control. Under these conditions, the higher rate of SYNAPSE WG Insecticide specified in the crop/pest specific tables within the Directions for Use section of the label may be necessary for optimum pest control.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply specified dosage of SYNAPSE WG Insecticide as needed for control. For best results, treatment should be made when insect populations begin to build and before a damaging population becomes established. Rate selected for use should depend on stage of pest development at application, pest infestation level, plant size and density of plant foliage. Thorough coverage of plant foliage is recommended for optimum product performance. Please contact your local Bayer CropScience representative or Pest Control Advisor for specific recommendations by crop.

Apply SYNAPSE WG Insecticide in adequate water for uniform coverage. SYNAPSE WG Insecticide may be applied by air, ground equipment, or through overhead irrigation systems as designated in the CHEMIGATION SYSTEMS statement in the Application Guidelines section of the label.


Notes and Use Restrictions

Do not apply more than 2.0 oz per acre (0.03 lb ai/A) per 3-day interval.

Minimum application volume: 10.0 GPA – ground, 2.0 GPA – aerial application

Pre-Harvest Interval

1 day

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours