General Information


PROLINE 480 SC is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide for the control of Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes and Deuteromycetes diseases in a variety of crops including barley, canola, dry bean crop group (chickpeas, lentils), peanuts, rapeseed, Indian rapeseed, field mustard, crambe, soybean, sugar beets and wheat. Under conditions conducive to extended infection periods or high disease pressure, additional fungicide applications beyond the number allowed by the label may be needed. Under these conditions use another fungicide registered for the crop/disease.

Resistance Management Statement

PROLINE 480 SC is a Group 3 fungicide which exhibits no known cross-resistance to other fungicide groups. However, fungal pathogens are known to develop resistance to products with the same mode of action when used repeatedly. Any fungal population may contain or develop individuals that are resistant to PROLINE 480 SC and other Group 3 fungicides. If Group 3 fungicides are used repeatedly in the same field or in successive years as the primary method of control for targeted diseases, the resistant isolates may eventually dominate the fungal population. Because resistance development cannot be predicted, the use of this product should conform to resistance management strategies established for the crop and use area. Such strategies may include rotation and /or tank mixing with products having different modes of action or limiting the total number of applications per season. Contact your local extension specialist, certified crop advisor, and/or manufacturer for fungicide resistance management and/or integrated disease management recommendations for specific crops and pathogen populations. Bayer CropScience encourages responsible resistance management to ensure effective long-term control of the fungal diseases on the label.

Spray Equipment/Volumes

PROLINE 480 SC may be applied by either ground or aerial application equipment. Apply in a minimum of 10 gallons of spray solution per acre by ground sprayer or in a minimum of 5 gallons of spray solution per acre by aircraft spray equipment. Check equipment calibration frequently. Complete coverage and uniform application are essential for the most effective results, especially when lower spray volumes are applied. If necessary, increase the spray volume per acre for complete crop coverage.


PROLINE 480 SC provides control or suppression of many important diseases of barley, canola, the dry bean crop group (including chickpeas, lentils), peanuts, rapeseed, Indian rapeseed, field mustard, crambe, soybean, sugar beets and wheat. When reference is made to disease suppression, suppression can mean either erratic control from good to fair or consistent control at a level below that obtained with the best commercial disease control products. Hand-harvesting is prohibited.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Application Directions

PROLINE 480 SC FUNGICIDE may be applied by either ground, aerial or chemigation application equipment.

For aerial application made prior to early flower (prior to Feekes Growth Stage 10.51, apply a minimum of 2 gpa spray solution. For aerial applications made at the early flower growth stage or later, apply in a minimum of 5 gpa spray solution. Chemigation use is allowed only for applications made prior to early flower.

Leaf and Stem Diseases: Apply PROLINE 480 SC FUNGICIDE as a preventive foliar spray when the earliest disease symptoms appear on the leaves or stems. Wheat fields should be observed closely for early disease symptoms, particularly when susceptible varieties are planted and/or under prolonged conditions favorable for disease development.

Other Requirements: Apply up to two (2) applications of PROLINE 480 SC FUNGICIDE per year. Repeat applications using a 14-day spray interval if conditions remain favorable for continued or increasing disease development. For optimum disease control, the lowest labeled rate of a spray surfactant should be tank mixed with PROLINE 480 SC FUNGICIDE.

Pre-Harvest Interval

30 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours