General Information


OBERON is a Suspension Concentrate formulation. The active ingredient contained in OBERON is active by contact on all mite development stages. However, mite juvenile stages are often more susceptible than adults. OBERON is also highly effective against whitefly nymphs, plus it has a significant effect on the otherwise difficult to control pupal stage. Application should be timed to coincide with early threshold level in developing mite population. OBERON can be applied by air, ground equipment, or through chemigation. However, thorough coverage of all plant parts is required for optimum performance. Performance evaluations should be made 4 – 10 days following application.

Use in Greenhouse is not permitted unless otherwise directed by state-specific supplemental labeling.


OBERON contains an active ingredient with a novel mode of action. Studies to determine cross-resistance with OBERON linked to other commercial insecticide/miticides have demonstrated no cross-resistance. However, repeated use of any crop protection product may increase the development of resistant strains of pests, including insects and mites. Rotation to another product with a different mode of action is recommended.


For all insects, timing of application should be based on careful scouting and local thresholds.

Foliar Spray Applications. Thorough and uniform coverage of plants, with direct contact of the spray mixture to the target pests, is required for satisfactory control.

Avoid application procedures where thorough coverage of plant is not possible. Applications made with less than thorough coverage may result in slower activity and/or less over all control from a single application than an application made with higher gallonages.

Ground applications must be made in a minimum of 10 gallons/A.

Aerial applications made to dense canopies may not provide sufficient coverage of lower leaves to provide pest control. Higher labeled rates of OBERON may be necessary for aerial applications. Do not apply directly to bodies of water. Time the applications to allow sprays to dry prior to rain or sprinkler irrigations.

Chemigation applications (See Use in Chemigation Systems directions in the label) must be made as concentrated as possible. For best results apply at 100% input/travel speed, for center pivots or 0.10 inch (2,716 gallons) up to 0.15 inch (4,073 gallons) of water/A, for other systems. Higher labeled rates of OBERON may be necessary for chemigation applications.

Irrigation Timing

If irrigation is used, conduct irrigations efficiently to prevent excessive loss of irrigation waters through runoff. Time the applications to allow sprays to dry prior to rain or sprinkler irrigations.

Allow at least 24 hours between application of product and any irrigation that results in surface runoff into lakes, reservoirs, rivers, permanent streams, marshes, potholes, vernal pools, natural ponds, estuaries, or commercial fish farm ponds.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


For all crops, apply specific dosage of OBERON as needed for control. Good coverage of the foliage is necessary for optimal control. An adjuvant may be used to improve coverage and control. For best results the treatment should be made when whitefly or mite populations begin to build and before a damaging population becomes established. OBERON is effective against the egg and nymphal stages of whiteflies and mites. Control should be directed at these stages. OBERON will not knock down adult whitefly populations. Rate range is provided and is generally dependent on size of the plant and density of the foliage. Apply when colonies first appear and prior to leaf damage or discoloration. Apply in adequate water for uniform coverage with ground or aerial application equipment, or by chemigation as indicated. If needed, repeat applications at 7- to 10-day intervals. For resistance management purposes, and because of its new and different mode of action, OBERON can be recommended as a foliar application following a soil application of ADMIRE when needed.



Maximum OBERON allowed per 7-day interval: 8.5 fl oz per acre (0.13 lbs ai/A).

Minimum application volume: 10.0 GPA – ground, 5.0 GPA – aerial application.

Pre-Harvest Interval

7 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours