General Information


Do not apply this product within 140 feet of inland freshwater habitats, and along the Atlantic seaboard, do not apply within 800 feet of brackish water habitats. Under no circumstances is this product to be applied within 140 feet of people or these surface water bodies.

Do not allow spray to drift from the application site and contact people, structures people occupy at any time and the associated property, parks and recreation areas, non-target crops, aquatic and wetland areas, woodlands, pastures, rangelands, or animals.

For ground boom applications, apply with nozzle height no more than 4 feet above the ground and only when winds speed is 10 mph or less at the application site as measured by an anemometer. Use medium or coarser spray as described according to ASAE 572 definition for standard nozzles or VMD for spinning atomizer nozzles.

The applicator also must use all other measures necessary to control drift.


Not for Household Consumer use. Do not store or use in or around the home. Do not apply by air. Do not apply more than one application per crop season. Application must be incorporated into the soil.


- To avoid possible injury to cabbage, do not use as a seed furrow treatment or allow spray to contact the seed.


- For application only by motorized ground boom equipment. Do not apply through irrigation systems. Do not apply with liquid backpack sprayers, low-pressure hand-wand liquid equipment, sprinkler cans or hand-held measuring containers, or by hand-dipping of seedlings.

- For use on ornamentals: only preplant broadcast application to soil for field nursery stock, which may only be mechanically transplanted into the treated area, and not until 72 hours after treatment.

- This product is to be soil incorporated to a depth of at least 2 to 4 inches, during or immediately following application by mechanical means, including by rotary tiller, rotary hoe, springtooth harrow, or by double-discing.

- Calibrate and adjust application equipment to insure proper rate and accurate placement. Clean application equipment thoroughly after use. For any leftover material, see instruction for \"Storage and Disposal\" on the label.

- Apply this product only as specified on the label.

- Do not apply in Long Island, New York.


Follow any specific soil incorporation instructions given under the crop headings.


Use enough water in the sprayer to thoroughly and evenly cover the area to be treated.


Use MOCAP EC Brand Nematicide-Insecticide only in accordance with label directions, warnings, and cautions. Control often lasts more than six weeks varying with growing conditions, rate of use and pests. Do not use on any crop not listed on the label or supplemental labeling, as any residues remaining may be illegal or harmful.

Where a range of rates is recommended, use the higher rate if pest infestations are expected to be severe. To determine your infestation level, consult local or state recommendations for sampling methods and economic thresholds. Where both banded and broadcast applications are allowed, refer to the specific crop directions for the proper use of each application method. For per acre use rates when banding, refer to the use rate chart, Conversion Table for Banded Applications, in the Ground Application section above.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



Spray with ground equipment, broadcast, over the field. Do not apply by air or through any type of irrigation equipment. This product is to be soil incorporated to a depth of at least 2 to 4 inches, during or immediately following application by mechanical means, including by rotary tiller, rotary hoe, springtooth harrow, or by double discing, or by immediate application of 1 to 2 inches of overhead irrigation.

Repeat irrigation before soil dries.


- Make only 1 MOCAP EC application per growing season (either preplant, or after last harvest of the growing season).

- Use 20 to 30 gallons of water per acre for thorough coverage.

Pre-Harvest Interval

225 days

Restricted Entry Interval

48 hours

The 48 hour REI is increased to 72 hours in outdoor areas where average rainfall is less than 25 inches a year.

EXCEPTION: If the product is soil injected or soil incorporated, the Worker Protection Standard, under certain circumstances, allows workers to enter the treated area if there will be no contact with anything that has been treated.