General Information


Unless specified otherwise in the crop-specific recommended application section, BAYTHROID XL may be applied by the following methods:

Foliar Spray Application

Foliar applications may be made using properly calibrated ground sprayers, fixed- or rotary-winged aircraft or through properly designed, sprinkler-type, chemigation equipment (See Chemigation Application directions in the label). Thorough and uniform coverage of plants, with direct contact of the spray mixture to the target pests, is required for satisfactory control.

Avoid application procedures where thorough coverage of plant is not possible. Applications made with less than thorough coverage may result in slower activity and/or less overall control from a single application than an application made with higher gallonages. Refer to Spray Drift Reduction Management section in the label for application guidelines on minimizing drift from all application methods.

Ground applications should be made in a minimum of 10 gallons/A unless specified otherwise in crop-specific recommended application section.

Aerial applications should be made in a minimum of 2 gallons/A unless specified otherwise in crop-specific recommended application section, however 5 gallons/A are recommended. See crop specific gallonage requirements. Aerial applications made to dense canopies may not provide sufficient coverage of lower leaves or interior plant portions to provide pest control. Higher labeled rates of BAYTHROID XL may be necessary for aerial applications.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



For all crops, apply specific dosage of BAYTHROID XL at early threshold for target pest, as population begins to develop. Degree of control or suppression of additional labeled pests will be determined, in part by the stage of pest development at application and infestation level of those pests.

Application timing should be based on careful scouting and local economic thresholds. BAYTHROID XL may be applied before, during, or after planting. Use the higher rates for moderate to heavy insect pressure. Lower rates are generally adequate for low to moderate insect pressure but require careful scouting and may require more frequent application.

BAYTHROID XL is an Emulsifiable Concentrate formulation and is active by contact and ingestion. Thorough coverage is necessary for optimum performance.


Notes and Restrictions

Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): 0 day.

Maximum BAYTHROID XL allowed at planting: 2.8 fluid ounces/A (0.022 lb AI/Acre).

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: BAYTHROID XL may be applied in water or in liquid, pop-up fertilizer at planting. Apply in a minimum of 2 GPA of total mix volume when applied in water. Good agitation must be maintained at all times during application.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIQUID POP-UP FERTILIZER APPLICATION: Perform a compatibility test prior to mixing the entire tank to ensure that BAYTHROID XL will remain in solution while applying. Take a known amount of the fertilizer to be used as a carrier and place in a glass jar. Add the appropriate amount of BAYTHROID XL based on the labeled use rate. Add other components to be tank mixed. Gently agitate the solution. Examine the solution for signs of incompatibility such as flocculation, precipitation, separation, etc. If incompatibility occurs contact your local Bayer CropScience representative for additional information. Fertilizers containing zinc have been shown to be incompatible with BAYTHROID XL.

PLACEMENT: Total mix volume should be applied in the open furrow ahead of the closing wheels for optimum coverage.

Use not permitted in California.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours