General Information


Trigard Insecticide is a 75% wettable powder. When this product is mixed with water and applied according to the directions for use to the specified crops on the label, Trigard Insecticide will control the specified insects in the crops that are listed on the label.

Resistance Management

Trigard Insecticide is a Group 17 Insecticide (contains the active ingredient cyromazine). Because of the inherent risk of resistance development to any product, it is strongly advised that Trigard Insecticide be used in a sound resistance management program. Treatment may not be effective against labeled pests if Trigard Insecticide tolerant strains develop.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


For leafminer control:

- Apply 2.66 oz. (one packet) per acre as a foliar spray.

- Use sufficient water volume to ensure thorough coverage of foliage when using ground application equipment and a minimum of 5.0 gallons of water when applying with aircraft.

- Repeat application at 7-day intervals, as needed, to maintain good control.

Notes: To avoid possible illegal residues:

- Allow at least 7 days between applications.

Pre-Harvest Interval

17 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours