General Information


Quadris Ridomil Gold SL is a broad-spectrum preventative fungicide with systemic properties for control of many soilborne plant diseases. All applications should be made according to the use directions that follow.

Quadris Ridomil Gold SL can provide control of many soil-borne diseases when applied as an in-furrow application at planting. In-furrow applications will provide control of pre- or postemergence damping off and diseases that infect plants at the soil-plant interface.


Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation equipment.


Quadris Ridomil Gold SL Fungicide is a mixture of a Group 4 (mefenoxam) and a Group 11 (azoxystrobin) fungicide: Quadris Ridomil Gold SL has two modes of action: (1) Phenylamides affects RNA Synthesis [Group 4], and (2) inhibitor of the Qo (quinone outside) site within the electron transport system (QoI) as well as disrupting membrane synthesis by blocking demethylation [Group 11]. Fungal pathogens can develop resistance to products with the same mode of action when used repeatedly. Because resistance development cannot be predicted, use of this product should conform to resistance management strategies established for the crop and use area. Consult your local or State agricultural authorities for resistance management strategies that are complementary to those in the label. Resistance management strategies may include rotating and/or tank-mixing with products having different modes of action or limiting the total number of applications per season. Syngenta Crop Protection encourages responsible resistance management to ensure effective long-term control of the fungal diseases on the label.

Quadris Ridomil Gold SL should not be alternated or tank mixed with any fungicide to which resistance has already developed.


Quadris Ridomil Gold SL should be integrated into an overall disease and pest management strategy whenever the use of a fungicide is required. Cultural practices known to reduce disease development should be followed. The SPECIFIC USE DIRECTIONS section in the label identifies specific IPM recommendations for each crop. Consult your local agricultural authorities for additional IPM strategies established for your area.


Apply Quadris Ridomil Gold SL as an in-furrow spray in 3-15 gallons of water per acre at planting. Mount the spray nozzle so the spray is directed into the furrow just before the seed are covered. Use the higher rate when the weather conditions are expected to be conducive for disease development, if the field has a history of Pythium problems, or if minimum/low till programs are in place. Quadris Ridomil Gold SL may be applied with all types of spray equipment commonly used for making in-furrow applications. Proper adjustments and calibration of spraying equipment is essential for good disease control.


To prepare spray solution, partially fill the spray tank with clean water and begin agitation. Invert the Quadris Ridomil Gold SL jug several times to suspend any sediment and open the container. Once the container is opened, the entire contents must be added to the spray tank, allowing time for good dispersion. Finish filling the tank to the desired volume to obtain the proper spray concentration. Maintain agitation throughout the spraying operations. Do not allow spray mixture to stand overnight or for prolonged periods. Make up only the amount of spray required for immediate use.

Sprayers should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after application.

Quadris Ridomil Gold SL is compatible with many commonly used fungicides, liquid fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides and biological control products. If tank mixes are desired, observe all directions, precautions, and limitations on labeling of all products used. Consult compatibility charts or your local or state agricultural authorities for compatibility information.

Conduct a physical compatibility test as described in the paragraph below before making a field application.

Do not combine Quadris Ridomil Gold SL in the spray tank with pesticides, surfactants or fertilizers, unless compatibility charts or your own prior use has shown that the combination is physically compatible, effective and non-injurious under your conditions of use. If physical compatibility is unknown, the following procedure should be followed: Pour the recommended proportions of the products into a suitable container of water, mix thoroughly and allow to stand at least twenty (20) minutes. If the combination remains mixed or can be re-mixed readily, the mixture is considered physically compatible.

For the amount of Quadris Ridomil Gold SL (fluid ounces) per acre zbased on row spacing refer in the supplemental label.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



Integrated Pest (Disease) Management: Quadris Ridomil Gold SL should be integrated into an overall disease management strategy that includes selection of varieties with disease tolerance, optimum plant populations, proper fertilization, plant residue management, crop rotation and proper water management.

Use the entire contents of the Quadris Ridomil Gold SL container once it is opened. See Table 2.

Apply Quadris Ridomil Gold SL as an in-furrow spray in 3-15 gals. of water per acre at planting. Mount the spray nozzle so the spray is directed into the furrow just before the seed are covered.

Do not apply more than 1.5 lb. a.i. of azoxystrobincontaining products per acre per season. Do not apply more than 0.5 lb. a.i. of mefenoxamcontaining products per acre per season.