General Information


This product may be used in California by following the specific crop directions and the CALIFORNIA SUPPLEMENTAL LABEL found at the end of the label.

Not for use or storage in or around residential sites, including homes, non-agricultural outbuildings, pleasure boats, recreational vehicles, preschools, day care centers, and applications to humans and pets.

Do not use or store in greenhouses.

Do not use in undiluted form.

When an adjuvant is to be used with this product, Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc. suggests the use of a Chemical Producers and Distributors Association certified adjuvant.

Apply the listed amount per acre when insects first appear and repeat as required, unless otherwise noted, to maintain effective control. Use in sufficient water for thorough coverage of listed crops unless otherwise noted. Coverage of upper and lower leaf surfaces is essential for good control. For ground application, apply listed amount of pesticide in a minimum of 10 gallons of water per acre on vegetable or row crops unless otherwise noted. Observe use limitations. If insect control is required beyond the following use patterns, supplement the control program with other suitable pesticides.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply using airblast application equipment only. Make applications when insects appear or feeding is noticed. Stink bugs must be wet by spray to obtain control.

- Do not feed cull fruits to animals or allow livestock to graze in treated orchards.

- Do not make more than 2 applications per season.

- Do not exceed a maximum of 2.5 lbs. active ingredient (i.e., 3-1/3 qts. of product) per acre per season.

- For airblast applications the use of a closed cab is required. Exception for airblast application to pears (OR, WA, and ID only): when application using enclosed-cab airblast equipment is not feasible in pear orchards, applicators are permitted to use open-cab airblast equipment PROVIDED they are wearing chemical resistant headgear AND maximum PPE clothing (i.e., baseline clothing plus organic vapor respirator, coveralls over long sleeved shirt and long pants, chemical resistant gloves, chemical resistant shoes plus socks; and goggles or face shield).

- For aerial application, the use of a closed mixing/loading system is required.

- Note: Aerial application may not result in satisfactory control and should only be employed if impossible to apply by ground.

Pre-Harvest Interval

7 days

Restricted Entry Interval

7 days