General Information

RANCONA 3.8 FS is a systemic broad-spectrum fungicide seed treatment specifically for protection against a wide variety of soil borne and seed borne diseases as listed in the Application Instructions table for the specific crops. RANCONA 3.8 FS does not provide activity against Pythium spp. or Phytophthora spp. To provide best seedling protection against these specific fungal pathogens, use RANCONA 3.8 FS in combination with a product containing metalaxyl (such as BELMONT-2.7 FS) at the label rate registered for your crop and disease complex. Consult the label for appropriate use rate and follow all use instructions and precautions for both products. For broader spectrum control, RANCONA 3.8 FS may be mixed in a water-based slurry with other registered seed treatment insecticides and fungicides, however, do not use with other seed treatment products unless previous experience assures compatibility.

NOTE: This product is undyed. The purchaser of this product is responsible for ensuring that all seed treated with this product are adequately colored with a suitable colorant to prevent its accidental use as food for man or feed for animals. Refer to 21CFR, Part 2.25. Any colorant added to treated seed must be cleared for use under 40CFR, Part 153.155.

RANCONA 3.8 FS may be applied with standard mechanical, slurry, or mist-type commercial seed treating equipment only, provided that the equipment can be calibrated to accurately and uniformly apply the product to seed. RANCONA 3.8 FS is not for use on agricultural establishments in hopper-box, planter-box, slurry-box or other seed treatment applications at or immediately before planting.

Uniform application to seed is necessary to ensure best disease protection and optimum performance. Seed should be sound and well-cured before treatment. Refer to the label rates below. Product requires dilution prior to application. Contact your local MacDermid Agricultural Solutions, Inc. representative or supplier for specific recommendations.

Seed that has been treated with this product that is then packaged or bagged for future use must contain the following labeling on the outside of the seed package or bag:
“This bag contains seed treated with ipconazole. Do not use for Food, Feed, or Oil Purposes. Persons opening this bag or loading/pouring the treated seed must wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes, socks and chemical-resistant gloves. After seeds have been planted, do not enter or allow worker entry into treated areas during the restricted entry interval (REI) of 12 hours. Exception: Once seeds are planted and covered by soil or other planting media, the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) allows workers to enter the treated area without restriction.”


Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Application Rate
- To deliver 0.0005 - 0.0009 mg ai per seed, apply 0.004 - 0.007 fl oz per 100,000 seeds (Based on average of 13,000 seeds per lb)

Diseases Controlled
- Seed rots (seed and soil borne Aspergillus spp. and Penicillium spp.)
- Seed rot, damping off and seedling blights (seed and / or soil borne Fusarium spp., Rhizoctonia solani and Cochliobolus sativus)
- Loose Smut (Ustilago avenae)
- Covered Smut (U. kolleri)

Diseases Partially Controlled
- Common Root Rot (Cochliobolus sativus)
- Crown and Foot Rot (Fusarium spp.)
- Partial control can either mean erratic control from good to poor, or consistent control at a level below that generally considered acceptable for commercial disease control.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours

Exception: Once seeds are planted and covered by soil or other planting media, the Worker Protection Standard (WPS) allows workers to enter the treated area without restriction.\"