General Information


Avicta Duo Cotton is a cottonseed treatment nematicide/insecticide that contains the active ingredients abamectin and thiamethoxam. When Avicta Duo Cotton is applied to cottonseed, seedlings are protected from early season nematode damage and damage from the insect pests specified in the Crop Use Directions.

To add early season disease protection, the seed treatment fungicides specified in the Crop Use Directions are approved for use on cottonseed and may also be mixed with Avicta Duo Cotton.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Avicta Duo Cotton on Cottonseed

Avicta Duo Cotton is a seed treatment for the seed of delinted cotton. Avicta Duo Cotton will provide cotton seedlings early season protection from damage caused by nematodes and the insects specified in the following table. Tank mixing Avicta Duo Cotton with Dynasty CST fungicide will add early season disease protection. Refer to the following table for application directions.

- Avicta Duo Cotton only provides suppression of these pests. Suppression means either erratic control ranging from good to poor or consistent control at a level below that which is generally considered acceptable for commercial control.


To control early season nematodes and these insect pests apply the amount of Avicta Duo Cotton specified in the center column.


- *1 fl. oz. of Avicta Duo Cotton contains 4.39 grams of abamectin and 9.96 grams of thiamethoxam.

- The typical density of Avicta Duo Cotton is 10 lbs. per gallon.

For Disease Protection – Early Season

For the amount to apply, refer to the label of the cottonseed treatment fungicide, Dynasty CST.


To add early season disease control in cotton, cottonseed may be treated with a mixture of Avicta Duo Cotton plus Dynasty CST. Follow all directions for use and precautions on the Dynasty CST label.