General Information


DO NOT apply directly to treated, finished drinking water reservoirs or drinking water receptacles.


VectoLex CG is a mosquito larvicide to be applied, without mixing or dilution, by conventional ground or aerial application equipment.Apply tomosquito breeding sites when sampling indicates that mosquito larvae are present. For best results, apply when young larval stages are present. Reapply at a minimum interval of two weeks as needed, if monitoring indicates that further applications are required. Do not reapply within two weeks of application. Do not apply more than six times per treatment site per season.

Aerial Application Instructions:

Apply only by fixed-wing or rotary aircraft equipment which has been functionally and operationally calibrated for the atmospheric conditions of the area and the application rates and conditions of the label. Label rates, conditions and precautions are product specific. Apply only at the rate recommended for aerial application on the label.Where no rate for aerial application appears for the specific use, this product cannot be applied by any type of aerial equipment.

Ensure uniform application by employing appropriate marking devices and/or electronic tracking equipment.

Use Precautions:

Apply only when meteorological conditions at the treatment site allow for complete and even coverage. DO NOT apply when wind speed is greater than 16 km/h at flying height at the site of application. Apply only under conditions of good practice specific to aerial application as outlined in the National Aerial Pesticide Application Manual, developed by the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Committee on Pest Management and Pesticides.

Operator Precautions:

Do not allow the pilot to mix product to be loaded onto the aircraft. Loading of premixed product with a closed system is permitted. It is desirable that the pilot has communication capabilities at each treatment site at the time of application.

The field crew and the mixer/loaders must wear the personal protective equipment described in the PRECAUTIONS section of the label. All personnel on the job site must wash hands and face thoroughly before eating and drinking.

Protective clothing, aircraft cockpit and vehicle cabs must be decontaminated regularly.

Product Specific Precautions:

Read and understand the entire label before opening this product. If you have questions, call the manufacturer at 1-800-323-9597 or obtain technical advice fromthe distributor or from your provincial agricultural or forestry representative. Application of this specific product must meet and/or conform to the aerial uses and rates on the label.

Rinse and flush spray equipment thoroughly following each use.


Mosquito populations may contain individuals naturally resistant to VectoLex CG. The resistant individuals may dominate the mosquito population if VectoLex CG is used repeatedly as the sole means of control in the same geographic location/use area.

To delay/avoid the resistance of mosquito populations to VectoLex CG it is recommended that users:

- Rotate the use ofVectoLexCGwith othermosquito larvicides currently registered in Canada, which do not contain Bacillus sphaericus as the active ingredient, providing they are registered for use in control of the same pests in the same sites.

- Treat a portion of the target area with a Bti formulation or an alternative insecticide ensuring the continual existence of populations of mosquitoes not exposed to VectoLex CG within a given geographic location.

- Insecticide use in mosquito control should be based on an IPM program that includes scouting, record keeping, and considers cultural/habitat, biological and chemical control practices suitable for the area to be treated.

- Monitor treated pest populations for resistance development.

- For further information or to report suspected resistance contactValent BioSciences Corporation at 1-800-323-9597 or at

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


VectoLex CG is a mosquito larvicide. It is not effective against mosquito adults and pupae. Apply to mosquito larval breeding sites when sampling indicates that mosquito larvae are present. For best results, apply when young larval stages are present.

Application rate and interval

0.56-1.68 g product/ m2 of water surface area. Use the higher rate in water with high organic content and water with a high level of suspended solids. Do not reapply within one week of application. Reapply at a minimum interval of one week as needed, if monitoring indicates that further applications are required.

Application methods

Apply by hand or ground application equipment to individual tires which contain standing water.

Use with other mosquito management techniques such as shredding waste tires, removing standing water and covering the stacked tires.