General Information


RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE is a selective, preemergent herbicide for control of many annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in turf and on a variety of woody ornamental shrubs and trees. RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE controls weeds by killing the young weed seedlings as they come in contact with the herbicide during germination.

Apply RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE with a properly calibrated sprayer that will apply the spray solution uniformly (uniform application is essential for satisfactory weed control). Calibrate the sprayer prior to use, according to the manufacturer’s directions and check daily to be certain that the equipment is working properly.

Do not allow domestic animals to graze treated areas. Avoid contamination of water intended for irrigation and domestic use.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


COMMERCIAL, ROADSIDE, & INDUSTRIAL SITES. Apply RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE prior to weed seed germination as an over-the-top spray only on labeled ornamentals.

AMOUNT TO USE: Apply RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE broadcast, in a minimum of 1 gallon of water per 1000 sq. ft., to established ornamentals at 1.85 fl oz of product per 1000 sq. ft. Remove existing weed growth before application. Do not apply within 60 days of transplanting. Do not apply with adjuvants or drift control agents. Sprinkle irrigate within 2 hours after application, otherwise crop injury may result.

CROP TOLERANCE: RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE may be used as an over-the-top spray on the following ornamental species only: Large Leaf Ice Plant, English Ivy, Algerian Ivy, African Trailing Daisy, Common Periwinkle, Bigleaf Periwinkle.

TANK-MIX COMBINATIONS: Ornamental Plantings and Noncropland areas:
Tank-mix combinations of RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE plus a non-selective herbicide such as FINALE HERBICIDE may be used to control existing undesirable vegetation. Applied as a directed spray, RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE plus a non-selective herbicide such as FINALE will provide pre and postemergence control of susceptible species listed on the respective labels of the two herbicides. A compatibility test must be conducted with any potential tank mix partner with RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE. Using a clear glass quart jar, conduct the test as described below:
1. Fill the jar three-quarters full with water
2. Add the appropriate amount of herbicide in the following order: (a) dry flowable, (b) wettable powder, (c) aqueous suspensions, (d) flowables, (e) liquids and (f) solutions and emulsifiable or liquid concentrates. Shake or gently stir jar after each addition to thoroughly mix.
3. After adding all ingredients, let the mixture stand for 15 minutes and then look for separation, large flakes, precipitates, gels, and heavy oily film on the jar or other signs of incompatibility.

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE must be added to the tank and agitated prior to introduction of a non-selective herbicide such as FINALE. Please refer to the non-selective herbicide label for information on surfactant and spray volume to use. Only mix the amount of spray needed for immediate application needs as settling can occur if spray mixture is allowed to sit over an extended period of time.

PRECAUTION: Non-selective herbicides such as FINALE are not recommended as an over-the-top spray in ornamentals. Extreme care must be exercised to avoid contact of spray containing a non-selective herbicide with foliage, stems, green bark, or bare roots of desirable turfgrasses, trees, shrubs, or other desirable vegetation since severe damage or destruction may result. If spraying areas adjacent to desirable plants with a non-selective herbicide, use a shield made of cardboard, sheet metal, or plyboard while spraying to help prevent spray from contacting foliage of desirable plants.

See table in the label for RONSTAR FLO HERBICIDE/FINALE.

These rates are intended as general information. Consult rate sections in individual product labels for detailed information on specific weed species controlled and rates of application.

The maximum single application rate is 3.7 fl. oz. per 1000 sq. ft. and no more than 2 applications per year.

The maximum amount of product allowed per year is 5.55 fl. oz of product per 1000 sq. ft. (1.89 gallons of product per acre per year) (equivalent to 6 pounds ai/A/year), except in areas where there is heavy weed infestation. In areas of heavy weed infestation, the maximum amount of product allowed per year is 7.4 fl. oz of product per 1000 sq. ft. (2.52 gallons of product per acre per year) (equivalent to 8 pounds ai/A/year). For best results, water-in product as soon as practical after application.

- Not currently registered in California for use on Bristly Oxtongue, Cheeseweed, Fiddleneck, Fireweed, Shepherdspurse, Sow Thistle, Annual Bluegrass, Annual Sedge, Ripgut Bromegrass, and Wild Oats

Common Groundsel, Evening Primrose, Galinsoga, Liverwort, Prostrate Spurge, Swinecress - Use 2.8 fl oz of product per 1000 sq. ft.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours