General Information

For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe, consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation.

Pyrenone Crop Spray is relatively non-toxic to Honey Bees. To maximize this benefit, apply early in the morning or late in the evening.


Refer to supplemental labeling entitled DIRECTIONS FOR APPLICATION THROUGH IRRIGATION SYSTEMS (available through your distributor) for use directions for chemigation. Do not apply this product through any irrigation system unless the supplemental labeling on chemigation is followed. Pyrenone Crop Spray may be used on most crops because its active ingredients are exempt from tolerances when applied to growing crops. The crop grouping scheme used on the label was devised by the Environmental Protection Agency to expedite minor use pesticide registration. Each crop grouping on the label contains the phrase “including, but not limited to,” and then lists a number of crops in each group. This wording allows the use of Pyrenone Crop Spray on crops that may not be specifically listed on the label (providing that the group to which the crop belongs is listed).

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Pyrenone Crop Spray may be used for mosquito control programs involving residential, industrial, recreational and agricultural areas as well as swamps, marshes, overgrown waste areas, roadsides and pastures where adult mosquitoes occur. Pyrenone Crop Spray may be used over all agricultural crops. For best results, apply when meteorological conditions create a temperature inversion and wind speed does not exceed 10 miles per hour. The application should be made so the wind will carry the insecticidal fog into the area being treated. Treatment may be repeated as necessary to achieve the desired level of control.

When used in cold aerosol generators that produce a fog with the majority of droplets in the 10 – 25 micron VMD range., Pyrenone Crop Spray should be diluted with light mineral oil or suitable solvent (specific gravity of approximately 0.8 at 60°F; boiling point: 500 -840°F). An N.F. grade oil is preferred.


To control adult mosquitoes and All Common Diptera, apply up to 0.0025 pounds of pyrethrins per acre (use a 300 foot swath width for acreage calculations).


Dilute 5 parts of Pyrenone Crop Spray with 1 part of oil or suitable solvent and apply at the rate of up to 0.0025 pounds of Pyrethrins per acre. The delivery rate and truck speed may be varied as long as the application rate does not exceed 0.0025 pounds of pyrethrins per acre (use a 300 foot swath width for acreage calculations).


To control adult mosquitoes and biting flies, apply up to 0.0025 pounds of pyrethrins per acre with equipment designed and operated to produce a ULV spray application.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours