General Information


ORNAZIN 3% EC is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 3.0% by weight azadirachtin. It has been evaluated on a wide variety of ornamental, forestry and food crops. No phytotoxicity at recommended field rates have been observed. ORNAZIN 3% EC is an insect growth regulator and does not control adult insects. However, ORNAZIN 3% EC is effective as a repellent towards some adult species as detailed below. ORNAZIN 3% EC is an effective resistance management tool when used in an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) spray program.

Mode of Action

ORNAZIN 3% EC controls insects in the larval, pupal, and nymphal stages by interfering with the metabolism of ecdysone. Insects typically die during larval eclosion and between larval to larval, larval to pupal, nymph to nymph molts, or during adult eclosion.


ORNAZIN 3% EC has been found to be compatible with the most commonly used insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Compatibility should be checked by using the correct proportion of the products in a small test container.

Growers should then test the tank-mix combinations for possible adverse effects (such as settling out, flocculation, etc.) and for phytotoxic effects on a small sample of plants prior to use. As environmental conditions can alter the interactions between compounds, a compatibility test is recommended for both new and previously used combinations. Avoid mixtures of several materials and very concentrated spray mixtures.

Do not use ORNAZIN 3% EC with Bordeaux mixture, triphenyltin hydroxide, lime sulfur, Rayplex iron or other highly alkaline materials. Use mildly alkaline mixtures immediately after mixing to prevent loss of insecticidal activity. When using ORNAZIN 3% EC in combination with other products, use ORNAZIN 3% EC at the rate, or half the rate, specified in the Use Rate Recommendation Table. Follow the directions for use, precautions and limitations for use on all of the product labels used in the combination.


Read all directions and precautions before use. ORNAZIN 3% EC is exempt from tolerances and may be applied as directed to any food or non food crop up to and including the day of harvest at a rate not exceeding 22.5 fl. oz. (20 grams active ingredient) per acre per application.


ORNAZIN 3% EC can be applied as a foliar spray or a drench to soil or non-soil media (e.g., greenhouses) to control insects and nematodes. When needed, soil drenches can also be made to control soil-borne pests including soil-borne larvae of foliar insect pests. When applying as a drench, avoid excessive leaching. ORNAZIN 3% EC can also be applied through sub-surface soil treatment equipment (e.g. for turfgrass). ORNAZIN 3% EC can also be injected into mature trees (landscaping, forestry, residential, etc.) using appropriate tree injection equipment. To repel adults, apply through fogging equipment. Always follow equipment manufacturer’s Use Directions.

ORNAZIN 3% EC may be applied using any powered or manual pesticide application equipment which includes, but is not restricted to, high-volume, low-volume, ultra-low volume, aerial, electrostatic, fogging, and chemigation. Follow the original manufacturer’s recommendations when using these types of equipment.

For optimum results, 2 applications made at 7 to 10 day intervals are recommended unless otherwise specified. Foliar applications should be made to both sides of leaves. In addition, a surfactant used per the manufacturer’s recommendations may improve product performance. The addition of a non-phytotoxic oil at rates not exceeding 1.0% (volume/volume) generally enhances insect control by providing longer residual activity and penetration into plant tissue. However on sensitive plants, addition of oil is not necessary.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Use Table 1 in the label to determine the appropriate use rate for each pest. Foliar sprays for individual plants should thoroughly wet both sides of the leaves without causing runoff. Mix spray solution according to Table 1 in the label. For the treatment of small areas, add 1.0 oz ORNAZIN 3% EC to 10 gallons of water. One gallon of finished spray will treat 500 square feet. When used as a drench, apply one pint of finished spray for each gallon of soil in the pot. For large area, use 100 to 200 gallons of finished spray per acre. Do not exceed 22.5 oz of ORNAZIN 3% EC per acre per application.


Repeat as needed.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours