General Information


K-Salt Fruit Fix 200 is an auxin hormone type product for use in fruit production, The response of fruit trees to application may be varied in different years. In reviewing the results, the grower needs to consider the wide variation in varieties, climatic factors, dosage, tree vigor, and fruit set before choosing the desired rate and correct timing for application.

Apply in sufficient water for good even coverage with your specific equipment. Application can be made in as little ask 50 gallons of water per acre, and up to 400 gallons of water per acre and is highly dependent on type of equipment used and density of the foliage. Uniform and even distribution of the spray is imperative. For rates and application timing for your specific variety and location, consult your local extension pomologist or specialist for recommendations.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Chemical Thinning - Oranges, Tangerines(Mandarins), Tangelos and Tangors

Spray at the rate of 100 to 500 ppm (24 fl. oz. per 100 gals. water equals 100 ppm). The degree of thinning obtained with K-Salt Fruit Fix 200 is highly variable and temperature related. Severe overthinning may result from application to trees during hot arid dry conditions. Do not apply to \"non-thrifty\" trees. The grower must determine a suitable concentration and time of application for his cultivars and location.

Concentrations in the 100 to 150 ppm ranges should be tried and applications made when the fruits are in an early stage of development (5 - 20 mm in diameter) and near the normal period of \"June drop\" (in Florida the period of natural drop occurs in May). Higher thinning activity should be expected during hot weather. Therefore lower concentrations should be used during hot weather (85° F to 95° F). The effectiveness of K-Salt Fruit Fix 200 diminishes rapidly below 85° F, The entire fruiting area of the tree should receive a thorough coverage of the spray solution. Do not apply more than one (1) application per year. Do not use on varieties where both young and fruits close to maturity are present on trees. Do not apply within 150 days of harvest.

Pre-Harvest Interval

150 days

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours