General Information

PENTRA-BARK is a superior nonionic wetting agent designed for applications
in agriculture, horticulture, industrial, turf, landscape and forestry. It is designed
for fast spreading, uniform distribution and absorption of spray on leaf, stem
and bark surfaces. PENTRA-BARK may be used with most pesticides and fertilizer
products (see cautionary statements under directions for use). Optimum
application and consequent effects can be influenced by many factors. It is
recommended that the spray be observed and adjuvant rates be adjusted
accordingly. During spray application, insure thorough coverage without excessive

PENTRA-BARK is a nonionic organosilicone wetting agent, designed for use in certain
agricultural, horticultural, landscape and bark penetrant applications where a nonionic
surfactant is required. (Consult specific pesticide label for bark application rates.)
Basal Bark Treatment: Consult pesticide label for specific use rates and application
method. Or contact your Agrichem Representative for specific use information for application
to bark surfaces.
NOTE: Carefully read and follow the specific directions contained on the label of the chemical
used. Before adding PENTRA-BARK to spray tank mixes or before using with a pesticide or
fertilizer where a nonionic adjuvant is not specifically recommended but not prohibited by the
manufacturer, the user or application advisor must have experience with the combination or must
have conducted a phytotoxicity trial of their own. For local recommendations, consult a competent
agricultural authority.
Aerial Application: When applying aerially, follow pesticide label directions including
minimum water volume per acre. Do not substitute PENTRA-BARK for water required by
the pesticide label.
Irrigation Injection: Applications of PENTRA-BARK through irrigation injection systems
are possible provided the recommended use rates and dilutions are maintained and local,
state, and federal guidelines are followed.
Aquatic Application: Apply at the rate recommended as described by pesticide label.
PENTRA-BARK is also recommended for use with non-selective herbicides and other pesticides
including those used to desiccate or defoliate.

Spray mixing and application equipment must be cleaned according to cleaning directions
on prior pesticide label before application.
To minimize and help prevent foaming, fill tank 2/3 to 3/4 full of water. Add pesticides and/or
fertilizers as directed by label or in the following sequence: 1) Micronutrients and fertilizer;
2) Dry flowables and dispersible granules; 3) Flowables; 4) Water soluble pesticides; 5)
Emulsifiable concentrates.
While agitating, add PENTRA-BARK and mix for 1 to 2 minutes with lower than normal
agitation. Continue filling tank maintaining minimal agitation. For most effective results,
apply within 36 hours after mixing.