General Information


Use of this product at residential sites is prohibited.

Except for use on golf courses, if applying this product adjacent to a water body such as a lake, reservoir, river, permanent stream, marsh or natural pond, estuary, or commercial fish pond, there must be at least a 25-foot vegetative buffer strip between the water body and the point of application.

For golf courses only, do not apply to turf cut higher than 1\" on golf courses where water bodies are present.

Do not apply this product when wind direction is toward aquatic areas.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


(Golf Courses, Sod Farms and Institutional Areas)

Do not prepare more spray solution than can be used within 12 hours to minimize potential active ingredient degradation.

Initiate application when presence of disease is detected or if weather conditions are favorable for disease development.

COMMENTS: Continue applications until disease pressure has reached acceptable level.

Apply the recommended rates in the tables in 0.5 to 10 gallons of water per 1000 sq ft.

Applications of Iprodione Pro 2SE fungicide must not exceed a maximum of 35 fluid oz. product/1000 sq ft. a year.

Applications of Iprodione Pro 2SE must be limited to no more than six a year.

Application of higher rates and shorter intervals are appropriate for all diseases when conditions are severe.

Applications of lower rates and longer intervals are suggested for times when disease pressure is light to moderate.

Areas treated with Iprodione Pro 2SE should not be mowed or irrigated until foliage has fully dried. A 24-hour period following application before mowing or irrigating is ideal.

Iprodione Pro 2SE should not be combined with any type of sticker, extender or wetting agents. Do not allow livestock or poultry to graze on treated areas or feed on clippings from these areas.

- Not registered for use in California.

Spray Interval: 14-21 days

Pacific Northwest Only - West of the Cascade Mountains