General Information

Directions For Use
Industrial: lawn and landscape areas at manufacturing sites and industrial parks.

Golf Course: tee boxes, greens and turf mowed at 1" or less and turf produced for construction or renovation of golf course landscape only.

General Information
Curalan EG fungicide is effective on all turfgrasses. Refer to the appendix for a list of diseases controlled.

Mode of Action
Curalan EG is a contact fungicide. It should be applied preventatively to protect susceptible plant tissues from infection. Curalan EG inhibits spore germination. If spores have already germinated, Curalan EG will prevent any further growth of the germ tube.

Crop Tolerance
Turf is tolerant to Curalan EG at listed stages of growth. Consult your local representative or agricultural advisor for assistance.

Notice to user: Due to variability within species, and in application techniques and equipment, and the number of possible tank mix combinations, neither the manufacturer nor the seller has determined whether or not Curalan EG can safely be used on all varieties and species of turf under all conditions. It is recommended, therefore, that the professional user determine if Curalan EG can be used safely before broad use by applying the recommended use rate of Curalan EG on a nonlabeled species or variety under the conditions expected to be encountered on a small test area. Any adverse effects should be visible within 14 days.

Allow foliage to dry after application and before irrigation.

Thorough coverage of all foliage is important, therefore enough spray volume and pressure must be used to achieve desired disease control.

Cleaning Spray Equipment
Clean application equipment thoroughly using a strong detergent or commercial sprayer cleaner according to the manufacturer’s directions before and after applying this product.

Application Instructions
Apply Curalan EG to turfgrass at the rates and timings indicated in Table 1 in 1 to 4 gallons of water per 1000 square feet (40-160 gallons of water per acre) after mowing. The preventative rate of Curalan EG should be applied before the disease is expected to appear. Apply subsequent treatments at the preventative rate once control has been achieved.

To achieve consistent disease control, an additive, such as a wetting agent, may be needed. Consult your local BASF representative for recommendations for your area.

Compatibility Test for Mix Components
Add components in the following sequence using 2 teaspoons for each pound or 1 teaspoon for each pint of recommended label rate per acre.

1) Water: For 20 gallons per acre spray volume, use 3.3 cups (800 ml) of water. For other spray volumes, adjust rates accordingly. Use only water from the intended source at the source temperature.
2) Products in PVA bags: Cap the jar and invert 10 cycles.
3) Water-dispersible products: (dry flowables, wettable powders, suspension concentrates, or suspoemulsions)
Cap the jar and invert 10 cycles.
4) Water-soluble products: Cap the jar and invert 10 cycles.
5) Emulsifiable concentrates: (oil concentrate or methylated seed oil when applicable) Cap the jar and invert 10 cycles.
6) Water-soluble additives: Cap the jar and invert 10 cycles.
7) Let the solution stand for 15 minutes.
8) Evaluate the solution for uniformity and stability. The spray solution should not have free oil on the surface, nor fine particles that precipitate to the bottom, nor thick (clabbered) texture. DO NOT use any spray solution that could clog spray nozzles.

General Restrictions and Limitations
- DO NOT apply this product to turf for transplant purposes except for sod produced for golf course establishment or renovation.
- DO NOT apply to turf at locations serving as residences.
- DO NOT treat sod produced for transplant to residential or commercial landscapes.
- Turf cultured for transplant (golf course establishment and renovation purposes only) must be mechanically harvested.
- Maximum seasonal use rate: DO NOT apply more than a total of 8 pounds of Curalan EG per acre (3 ounces per 1,000 square feet) per season.
- Restricted Entry Interval (REI): 5 days for sod farm turf.
- DO NOT apply to areas likely to be grazed by livestock and DO NOT feed clippings to livestock or poultry.
- DO NOT apply through any type of irrigation equipment.
- DO NOT apply this product by air.
- This product cannot be used to formulate or reformulate any other pesticide product.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Application Rates and Timing for Turfgrasses

Gray Snow Mold, Fusarium Patch & Pink Snow Mold
- Tank mix with Fungo or Spotrete for improved control.

Application Intervals
- Re-treat at shorter intervals or use higher rates if conditions favorable to disease exist.

21-28 days Application Intervals: Dollar Spot
14-28 days Application Intervals: Leaf Spots and Melting Out; Red Thread and Pink Patch; Brown Patch
10-21 days Application Intervals: Gray Snow Mold; Fusarium Patch & Pink Snow Mold

Restricted Entry Interval

5 days