General Information

General Application Instructions

Not for use on plants being grown for sale or other commercial use, or for commercial seed production, or for research purposes. For use on plants intended only for aesthetic purposes or climatic modifications and being grown in interior plantscapes, ornamental gardens or parks, or lawns and grounds.

Bifenthrin Pro Insecticide/Miticide formulation mixes readily with water and other aqueous carriers, and controls a wide spectrum of insects and mites on trees, shrubs, foliage plants, non-bearing fruit and nut trees, and flowers in interiorscapes including hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, etc., and, outdoor plantscapes, such as around residential dwellings, parks, institutional, buildings, recreational areas, athletic fields and home lawns. Non-bearing crops are perennial crops that will not produce a harvestable raw agricultural commodity during the season of application.

Only for Use and Storage by Commercial Applicators. To control insect pests and mites indoors, in interiorscapes and outdoors on ornamentals and lawns in landscaped areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial, and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields.

Do not apply by air.

Do not apply in greenhouses and nurseries.

Not for use on sod farm turf, golf course turf, or grass grown for seed.


For mixing application instructions of Befenthrin Pro with other products, please refer to the label.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Do not use in food/feed areas of food/feed handling establishments, restaurants or other areas where food is commercially prepared or processed. Do not use in serving areas while food/feed is exposed or facility is in operation. Serving areas are areas where prepared foods are served, such as dining rooms, but excluding areas where food may be prepared or held. In the home, all food processing surfaces and utensils should be covered during treatment or thoroughly washed before use. Exposed food should be covered or removed.

Do not apply a broadcast application to interior surfaces of homes.

Use a 0.02% to 0.06% suspension (0.33 to 1 fluid oz. per gallon of water) for residual pest control in buildings and structures and on modes of transport.

Mixing Directions: See mixing directions in \"Pest Control on Outside Surfaces and Around Buildings\" sectionof the label. Bifenthrin Pro Insecticide/Miticide is to be diluted with water for spray or brush application.

Food Handling Establishments: Places other than private residences in which food is held, processed, prepared or served.

Nonfood Areas: Including mop closet, storage (after canning or bottling), nonfood/feed areas of stores, warehouses, vessels, railcars, trucks, trailers, and aircraft (Do not use in aircraft cabins). Bifenthrin Pro Insecticide/Miticide may be used as a general spot, crack and crevice treatment in non-food areas. All areas where insects hide or through which insects may enter should be treated.

- Bees and Wasps: Thoroughly spray nest and entrance and surrounding areas where insects alight.