General Information


Read all directions before using this product.

AZA-DIRECT can be applied as directed to any food or non-food crop up to and including the day of harvest, at a maximum rate of 3½ pints/Acre. Refer to the Use Site Section for a complete listing of crops.


AZA-DIRECT controls target pests on contact or by ingestion. The product acts on pests by way of repellence, antifeedance and interference with the molting process. The buyer or user is reminded that the degree of efficacy of the product is largely dependent on weather conditions, intensity of pest population, area of application, type of pest, and physical stages of pests and crops.


For optimal performance spray product as soon as possible when pests are expected or when pests first appear. For foliar applications, apply AZA-DIRECT in sufficient spray volume and with adequate spray pressure to ensure complete and thorough coverage of all plant surfaces including both the top and bottom of leaves. Avoid excessive runoff. Best results can be obtained following 2-3 applications made at 7-10 day intervals. When pest pressure is heavy or plant canopy is dense, use higher rates and increase spray frequency. Spraying in the morning or evening hours will provide the best results. Repeat application if rain occurs within two to three hours of spraying.


AZA-DIRECT can be applied as a foliar spray or a drench to soil or non-soil media to control insects. When needed, soil drenches can also be used to control soil-borne pests, including soil-borne larvae of foliar insect pests. When applying as a drench, avoid excessive leaching. AZA-DIRECT can also be applied through sub-surface soil treatment equipment. Always follow equipment manufacturer’s use directions. AZA-DIRECT may be applied using any powered or manual pesticide application equipment which includes, but is not restricted to, high volume, low volume, ultra -low volume, electrostatic, fogging and chemigation. Follow the original manufacturer’s instructions when using these types of equipment.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


AZA-DIRECT can be used at 1-2 pints/acre for most pest and crop conditions. Under extremely heavy pest pressure up to 3 ½ pints may be used. Do not use less than 5 oz. per acre of AZA-DIRECT alone. When tank mixed with other insecticidal products, the rate of AZA-DIRECT may be reduced by ½, but not less than 4 oz per acre. Use up to 2.6 oz/1000 square feet for manure and compost treatments.

Restricted Entry Interval

4 hours