General Information

Do not apply Amid-Thin W through any type of irrigation system. Amid-Thin W contains 1-Naphthaleneacetamide and is used to thin many varieties of apples and pears as a petal fall spray.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Many factors affect fruit set including; tree vigor, provisions for cross-pollination, weather conditions and bee activity. Other important considerations are last year's fruit set level and current year's food reserve status which is affected by crop load and foliage vigor in the preceding year. Limit the use of the higher concentrations given in the table of the label to vigorous trees having ample provisions for pollination and good fruit set. Use the lower concentration on weaker, less vigorous trees with less food reserves. One of the outstanding advantages of Amid-Thin W from the standpoint of over thinning is its wide range of safety at the concentrations suggested. It is important that early summer varieties are sprayed no later than petal fall since applications two to three weeks later often give insufficient thinning and may result in the development of inferior pygmy fruit.


Application at 2 to 2 1/2 weeks after full bloom.

Full Bloom: 90% of the blossoms open with petals beginning to fall from the king flowers.

Recommended for Rhode Island Greening apple variety.

Spraying could be delayed to 3 weeks for the 2 to 21/2 weeks after full bloom varieties if unusually cool weather has slowed growth.

Weather conditions, amount of bloom and other factors that make for good set will vary In different localities. Contact your local extension pomologists as to time of application and rates to be used for your specific thinning problems.

Amount of Amid Thin W to Use per Ounces & Pounds (gallons of spray per acre).

Restricted Entry Interval

48 hours