General Information

General Information

AMDRO PRO Fire Ant Bait is a bait which is highly attractive to imported and native fire ants and other ants. Worker ants carry it into the mound as food for the colony. They eat it and feed it to the queen. AMDRO PRO starts to kill ants immediately. In about a week the queen is dead, which destroys the mound.

Further information regarding ants may be obtained from your Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Tropical Fruit and Nut Orchard Crop Use Applied in Bait Stations

AMDRO PRO Fire Ant Bait may be used in tropical fruit and nut orchards when applied in bait stations. This treatment involves placing AMDRO PRO into bait stations (see section below entitled Use Directions for AMDRO PRO Applied in Bait Stations for list of applicable bait stations) that have been positioned in and around the listed orchard crops.

DO NOT apply AMDRO PRO directly to the ground around these crops. DO NOT apply directly to any part of the crop plant.

Apply for control of bigheaded ants or fire ants or little fire ants.

When applying for control of little fire ants, apply AMDRO PRO in orchards only during non-fruiting periods of the growing season to avoid possible contamination of the fruit. Remove bait stations from orchard after flowering but before fruiting structures appear on crop plants. DO NOT apply AMDRO PRO in orchards when fruits are present on crop plants.

Use Directions for AMDRO PRO Applied in Bait Stations

1. Bait Station Applications in fields with actively foraging ants:

See the BAIT STATION Chart to determine the amount(s) of AMDRO PRO to be placed into bait stations that are spaced at various lengths. Place the specified amount of AMDRO PRO into the bait station depending on the spacing of bait stations in the fields. Other bait station spacing may be used (e.g. 8 x 8, 22 x 22, etc.) depending on the design of the orchard, spacing of trees and/or applicator preference to keep bait stations away from heavy traffic areas or roads or alley ways. Then, the amount of AMDRO PRO to be placed in the bait station needs to be recalculated depending on the actual spacing of bait stations used. DO NOT exceed 1.5 lb of AMDRO PRO per acre when applied in bait stations.

After a minimum of 2 weeks, move bait stations further away from treated area into adjacent infested areas. Place bait stations at desired spacing and place the specified amount of AMDRO PRO Fire Ant Bait into the bait station. However, if ants continue to be actively foraging in or around the bait stations, leave bait stations in place (and refill as necessary only with the specified amounts of AMDRO PRO) until foraging activity is minimal or has ceased.

Bait stations need not be placed immediately adjacent to nests.

2. Bait Station Applications along field border (to prevent ants from reinfesting field):

Place bait stations in border areas of the fields at between 10 ft x 10 ft and 50 ft x 50 ft spacings,

depending on orchard configuration and intensity of ant infestation. See BAIT STATION Chart, and place the specified amount of AMDRO PRO into the bait station depending on the spacing of bait stations.

Monitor stations at 2-week intervals and replace AMDRO PRO as necessary.

3. Bait Replacement in Bait Stations:

Monitor bait stations to determine if ants are present.

If ants are not present or AMDRO PRO has remained in the bait station for >10 weeks, remove AMDRO PRO from the bait station and distribute uniformly in noncrop border areas. Replace with the specified amount (see chart above, amount depends on bait station spacing) of fresh AMDRO PRO in the bait station, and continue to monitor ant activity and AMDRO PRO at 2-week intervals; or remove bait station from site.

AMDRO PRO may remain effective for up to 10 weeks (or longer) depending on environmental conditions.

Excessively wet (prolonged high humidity, frequent and prolonged rainfall, and heavy mist) conditions may reduce the effectiveness of AMDRO PRO.

Monitor ant activity in and around bait station and replace bait as necessary. Monitor ant activity either by visual or mechanical (e.g. traps) methods.

4. Bait Stations:

Several bait stations have been tested and allow the ants to take the bait [e.g. Perimeter Patrol SystemM, Drax Liquidator, A.C.E. Station, Ants-No-More]. Bait stations that minimize exposure to sunlight (dark colored) and moisture will help retain the effectiveness of AMDRO PRO.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours