General Information

General Information

AMDRO PRO Fire Ant Bait is a bait which is highly attractive to imported and native fire ants and other ants. Worker ants carry it into the mound as food for the colony. They eat it and feed it to the queen. AMDRO PRO starts to kill ants immediately. In about a week the queen is dead, which destroys the mound.

Further information regarding ants may be obtained from your Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Pineapple Use

For use in pineapple fields and in uncultivated land surrounding pineapple fields to control pest ants.

Conduct ant surveys to monitor ant populations before and after treatments. Aerial applications are prohibited within 200 ft. of irrigation ditches, streams, ponds and public roadways, and 1000 ft. of residential areas. Do not make applications if it is likely to rain within an hour of application. Green chop (leaves and crowns) shall not be fed to animals. Distribute bait uniformly around the mound. Do not disturb the mound. Do not contaminate kitchen utensils by use or storage.

Pre-Harvest Interval

30 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours