General Information

General Information

AMDRO PRO Fire Ant Bait is a bait which is highly attractive to imported and native fire ants and other ants. Worker ants carry it into the mound as food for the colony. They eat it and feed it to the queen. AMDRO PRO starts to kill ants immediately. In about a week the queen is dead, which destroys the mound.

Further information regarding ants may be obtained from your Cooperative Agricultural Extension Service.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Outdoor Use

AMDRO PRO Fire Ant Bait controls imported and native fire ants and other ants, such as harvester ants and bigheaded ants. AMDRO PRO is for use on lawns, landscaped areas, golf courses, and other noncropland areas such as airports, roadsides, cemeteries, commercial grounds, parks, school grounds, picnic grounds, athletic fields and other recreational areas, as well as on grounds surrounding poultry houses (excluding runs and ranges) or corrals and other animal holding areas. Avoid direct exposure of animals to AMDRO PRO granules.

AMDRO PRO may be used in and around container or field-grown ornamental and non-bearing nursery stock, and on sod farms (commercial turf). AMDRO PRO may also be applied to the soil around non-bearing fruit or nut trees. Do not harvest food/feed from non-bearing nursery stocks within one year of application.

- Do not graze or feed lawn or sod clippings to livestock.

- Broadcast bait uniformly with ground (granular spreaders) or aerial equipment.

- Distribute bait uniformly around the mound. Do not disturb the mound. Do not apply more than 2.0 lb. per acre. Do not contaminate kitchen utensils by use or storage.

- Apply when ants are actively foraging (typically when soil temperature is greater than 60°F).

- Repeat applications as needed.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours