General Information


Turf Use Instructions

Echelon 4SC Herbicide is a selective pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide for control of crabgrass, annual grass and broadleaf weeds and sedges in turf sites including residential and institutional lawns, athletic fields, commercial sod farms, golf course fairways and roughs, roadsides, utility right-of-ways, railways and industrial areas.

Echelon 4SC Herbicide is a flowable formulation (suspension concentrate) containing 4 lbs. of active ingredient per gallon. The mode of action of Echelon 4SC herbicide involves uptake by both weed roots and shoots of existing weeds and prevention of growth by newly emerged weed seedlings.

Mixing With Water

For best results, fill spray tank with one fourth of the volume of clean water needed for the area to be treated. Start the agitation system and add Echelon 4SC Herbicide to the tank. Make sure Echelon 4SC Herbicide is thoroughly mixed before application or before adding another product to the spray tank.

Apply this product in a sufficient volume of carrier solution to provide a uniform spray distribution. Spray volumes of 20 – 175 gallons per acre (0.5 to 4.0 gal/1,000 ft2) with spray pressures adjusted to 20 – 40 psi are appropriate. Apply the higher spray volumes for dense weed populations.

Other Use Precautions

Do not apply to golf course putting greens or tees.

Do not use on turgrasses other than those listed on the label.

Do not graze or feed livestock forage cut from areas treated with Echelon 4SC Herbicide.

Do not apply directly to landscape ornamentals or ornamental beds.

Do not apply to areas where dichondra, colonial bentgrass, velvet bentgrass or annual bluegrass (Poa annua) are desirable species.

Do not apply to creeping bentgrass if mowing height is less than 0.5 inch.

Do not harvest treated sod before 90 days after application.

Do not apply to newly set sod until the sod has rooted and exposed edges have grown in.

Do not apply with adjuvants or surfactants.

Temporary turfgrass discoloration has been observed when Primo has been either tank-mixed or applied within 7 days of a Echelon 4SC application.

It is recommended that Primo applications be made 7 days prior to, or after Echelon 4SC application to reduce risk of turfgrass discoloration.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Applications may be made by helicopter on railroad rights-of-way only.

DO NOT apply Echelon 4SC Herbicide to soils classified as sand with less than 1% organic matter.

Use labeled rates of burndown herbicides such as glyphosate, glyphosate-trimesium, diquat, 2,4-D, dicamba, etc. as tank mixtures with Echelon 4SC Herbicide. Use recommended adjuvants for the herbicide tank mix partner.

For best results, apply Echelon 4SC Herbicide alone or in combination with other herbicides for residual control of weeds in late summer, fall, or early spring to insure adequate moisture for soil activation.

Use the higher labeled rates to extend length of control. Use the higher rates on sites with fine soil textures and on sites with more than 2% organic matter.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours