Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Railroad Rights-of-Way

Dismiss South Herbicide can be used to control many weeds and maintain bare ground on railroad rights-of-way, including railroad yards, railroad crossings and railroad bridge abutments.

Highway, Roadside, Pipeline and Utility Rights-of-Way.

Dismiss South Herbicide can be used to control many weeds and maintain bare ground in highway, roadside, pipeline and utility rights-of-way, Such areas would include, but are not limited to, guard rails, road shoulders, electric utility substations, pipeline pumping stations, around electric transmission towers, around distribution line poles and in other areas where complete vegetation control is desired.

Industrial Areas, Fence Rows and Other Non-crop Sites

Dismiss South Herbicide is controls weeds and maintains bare ground in industrial areas including production facilities, tank farms, storage areas, parking areas, lumber yards, airports, military installations, along fence rows, and in similar non-crop sites where complete vegetation control is needed.

Method and Rate of Application

For residual control of germinating weeds in non-crop land, apply this product as a broadcast treatment at 9.5 to 14.4 fluid ounces (0.290 to 0.450 pounds active ingredient) per acre by ground in a minimum of 10 gallons of spray solution per acre. Applications may be made by helicopter on railroad rights-of-way only.

DO NOT apply Dismiss South Herbicide to soils classified as sand with less than 1% Organic Matter.

Use labeled rates of burndown herbicides such as glyphosate, glyphosate - trimesium, diquat, 2,4-D, dicamba,etc. as tank mixtures with Dismiss South Herbicide. Use recommended adjuvants for the herbicide tank mix partner. For all products used in tank mixes, refer to the specific product labels for all restrictions on tank mixing and observe all label precautions, instructions and rotational cropping restrictions.

Do not apply Dismiss South Herbicide at rates higher than 12 fl oz/ac in

North Dakota or north of highway 210 in Minnesota.


For best results, apply Dismiss South Herbicide alone or in combination with other herbicides for residual control of weeds in late summer, fall, or early spring to insure adequate moisture for soil activation.

Weeds Controlled

This product, when applied at 9.5 to 14.4 fluid ounces per acre, will control the following weeds in non-cropland areas. Use the higher labeled rates to extend length of control. Use the higher rates on sites with fine soil textures and on sites with more than 2% organic matter.