General Information


Tourney Fungicide is formulated as 50% water dispersible granular (WDG). The active ingredient in Tourney is metconazole, a broad-spectrum triazole fungicide that works by inhibiting demethylation and other processes in sterol biosynthesis. Tourney is systemic and is quickly absorbed into plant tissue. Tourney displays preventative and curative properties.

Tourney may be used for disease control in turfgrass on golf courses, lawns and landscape areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas, athletic fields and sod farms.

Optimal disease control is achieved when Tourney is applied in a regularly scheduled spray program used in combination and/or rotation with other effective fungicides that have different modes of action (i.e., non Group 3 fungicides).


The active ingredient in Tourney, metconazole, belongs to the sterol biosynthesis inhibitor group of fungicides as classified by the U.S. EPA and Canada PMRA as a target site of action Group 3 fungicide.


- Tourney may be used for disease control on golf courses, lawns and landscape areas around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas, athletic fields and sod farms.

- Tourney should be used in conjunction with turf management practices that promote good plant health and optimum disease control. Proper identification of disease infestations is essential for providing control. Consult diagnostic guides, kits or other means of identification to determine the best control measures.

- Tourney is more effective when used preventatively or early in disease development. Length of disease control will vary according to local environmental conditions, disease pressure and turfgrass management practices.

- Apply to dry turf or after mowing. For control of foliar diseases, allow turf to dry before irrigation. For control of soil borne diseases, Tourney can be watered in after application.

- Tourney may be tank mixed with other registered turfgrass fungicides. Perform a jar test as described above to determine compatibility before making applications. Directions for use of Tourney have been developed using no adjuvant in the spray solution.

- Applications of Tourney can injure golf course greens that are under high heat (temperatures exceeding 90°F) and/or drought stress. Under high heat and/or drought stress conditions (mid to late summer), limit applications to no more than 1 6 oz per acre (0.37 oz per 1 ,000 sq ft) every 30 days.

- Important: Under conditions of optimal disease development (such as high humidity and temperature), use higher rates and shorter application intervals. When applications are made curatively, use higher rates of Tourney and short application intervals. Use higher application rate in areas with a history of severe disease pressure.

- All applications should be made according to the following use directions. Failure to follow label directions may result in turfgrass injury and/or inferior disease control.


Apply Tourney using standard, low-pressure spray equipment designed to deliver coarse to medium size spray droplets (nozzles designed to deliver fine droplets should be avoided). Apply in a sufficient volume of water to provide thorough spray coverage and a uniform spray pattern. Spray boom height should be no higher than 20 inches. For foliar disease, use a minimum of 2 gals of water per 1 ,000 sq ft. For crown and root diseases, use 2 to 4 gals of water per 1 ,000 sq ft. For spot treatment, use 0.2 oz per 1 to 2 gals of water. Applications may be made by ground only.


Due to the large number of turfgrass types and possible tank mixes and application techniques, it has not been determined if Tourney can be safely used on all turfgrasses under all conditions. It is recommended that the user determine safety under local conditions by making an application to a small test area. Monitor the test area for at least 2 weeks to determine safety under local growing conditions.


- Do not apply more than 4 lbs (2 lbs ai) of Tourney per acre per year.

- Do not use on bermudagrass.

- Do not apply through any type of irrigation system.

- Do not apply by aerial application.

- Do not graze animals on treated areas.

- Do not feed clippings from treated areas to livestock or poultry.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Application Interval/Timing - 14 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours