General Information


Pursuit Plus EC is effective in providing weed control in conservation tillage systems. Pursuit Plus EC may be applied in minimum tillage, no-till, or conventional tillage to field corn (CLEARFIELD corn) or soybeans.

Field Corn: Apply Pursuit Plus EC only on selected field corn hybrids (CLEARFIELD corn) warranted by the seed company to possess resistance/tolerance to direct application of Pursuit. DO NOT apply Pursuit Plus EC to corn hybrids which lack genetic resistance/ tolerance to Pursuit. Contact your seed supplier, chemical dealer or BASF to obtain information regarding CLEARFIELD corn. With the exception of reduced tillage systems, plant into a firm seed bed that is free of clods and crop residue. Use only where adequate tillage is practiced to provide good soil coverage of the corn seed. Plant corn AT LEAST 1-1/2 inches deep to ensure good seed coverage. Make sure furrows close to prevent seed contact with the herbicide. Wait at least 7-10 days after postemergence treatments before cultivating.

Crops growing under stressful environmental conditions can exhibit various injury symptoms which may be more pronounced if herbicides are used. Stunting, leaf curling or temporary yellowing of the field corn plants may occur following Pursuit Plus EC applications. Normal growth and appearance should resume within 1 to 2 weeks.

Soybeans: Apply Pursuit Plus EC preplant or preplant incorporated from 45 days prior to planting up to planting. Incorporate within 7 days of application if rainfall is not received.

Occasionally, internode shortening and/or temporary yellowing of soybean plants may occur following Pursuit Plus EC applications. This will not affect soybean yields.

After Pursuit Plus EC is applied, some susceptible weeds emerge, growth stops, and the weeds either die or are not competitive with the crop.

Pursuit Plus EC kills weeds by herbicide uptake by weed roots and rapid translocation to the growing points. Therefore, adequate soil moisture is important for optimum Pursuit Plus EC activity. When adequate soil moisture is present, Pursuit Plus EC will provide residual control of susceptible germinating weeds.

Use of Pursuit Plus EC in accordance with label directions is expected to result in normal growth of rotational crops in most situations; however, various environmental and agronomic factors make it impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product and, therefore, rotational crop injury is always possible.

Replanting: If replanting is necessary in a field previously treated with Pursuit Plus EC, the field may be replanted to soybeans, peanuts, lima beans or southern peas.

Rework the soil no deeper than the treated zone.

CLEARFIELD corn may also be replanted, but do not rework the soil. Plant the corn at least 2 inches deep or below the treated zone. DO NOT apply a second treatment of Pursuit Plus EC herbicide.


Uniformly apply with properly calibrated ground equipment in 10 to 40 gallons of water per acre. A spray pressure of 20 to 40 psi is recommended.


Uniformly apply with properly calibrated aerial equipment in 5 or more gallons of water per acre. When applied POSTEMERGENCE, (to CLEARFIELD corn), the addition of a non-ionic surfactant AND fertilizer are required for optimum weed control. Add a nonionic surfactant at 0.25% v/v (1 quart per 100 gallons of spray mixture) AND a liquid fertilizer at 1.25 to 2.5 gallons per 100 gallons of spray solution. (See APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS - POSTEMERGENCE.)


Pursuit Plus EC provides effective weed control in conservation tillage systems designed to meet conservation compliance requirements. Pursuit Plus EC can be applied preemergence or postemergence to CLEARFIELD corn. (DO NOT apply preplant incorporated to CLEARFIELD corn.) It can be applied early preplant, preplant incorporated or preemergence in soybeans (DO NOT apply postemergence to soybeans). It can also be applied in conventional, minimum tillage and no-till production systems. The application method of choice will depend on the anticipated weed spectrum and the preference of the applicator. If weeds have emerged, see instructions under NO-TILL OR REDUCED TILLAGE section.

Pursuit Plus EC controls weeds by uptake by weed roots, and translocation to the growing points where it stops weed growth.

Adequate soil moisture is required for optimum activity. For surface applications, rainfall or overhead irrigation is necessary to move Pursuit Plus EC into the weed germination zone. The amount of rainfall or irrigation required following application depends on existing soil moisture, soil texture and organic matter content. Sufficient water to moisten the soil to a depth of 2 inches is normally adequate. If adequate moisture is not received within 7 days after a surface-applied treatment, then a cultivation is recommended to control escaped weeds. In no-till situations where cultivation is not practical, a postemergence treatment is required to control escaped weeds. When adequate moisture is received after dry conditions, Pursuit Plus EC will provide residual control of susceptible germinating weeds; activity on established weeds will depend on the weed species and the location of its root system in the soil.

In ridge-till plantings, Pursuit Plus EC may be applied early preplant (soybeans only) or preemergence. If the herbicide is banded over the row, cultivation will be required for weed control between the beds. If cultivation is not possible or if weed pressure is heavy, apply Pursuit Plus EC in a broadcast application. Use proportionally less Pursuit Plus EC per acre in a band versus a broadcast application. If rainfall does not occur within 7 days of application, a rotary hoe incorporation will enhance weed control. See PREEMERGENCE APPLICATIONS and PREPLANT INCORPORATED APPLICATIONS for further information.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


PURSUIT PLUS EC provides control of many grass and broadleaf weeds when applied soil preplant incorporated, or surface applied. It provides season-long control of many weeds. Sulfentrazone-containing products (such as Authority Broadleaf or Canopy XL) may be tank-mixed with PURSUIT PLUS EC for enhanced weed control in soybeans. Sulfentrazone-containing products may also be soil applied in a separate application from PURSUIT PLUS EC (sequential application, not tank-mixed).

NOTE: Sulfentrazone-containing products are only labeled for soil applications to soybeans.

When tank-mixing herbicides, always follow the most restrictive label.

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