General Information

General Information

Charter PB is a liquid seed treatment used for the control of true loose and covered smut of barley and loose smut and common bunt in wheat. Charter PB will increase emergence and plant stands by reducing seed and soilborne seed rots (Cochliobolus spp.), seedling blights (Fusarium spp.), and damping-off (Pythium spp.).

When handling Charter PB and when treating seed or while augering or handling treated seed, work in a wellventilated area.

Method Of Application

Seed should be well conditioned and free of chaff before treating with Charter PB. Treated seed should not require drying after treatment and can be stored or bagged immediately (provided excessively slurry volumes are not applied to the seed). Charter PB may be applied using standard commercial seed treatment equipment (such as, but not limited to, slurry or mist-type equipment) or on-farm seed treatment equipment. Charter PB may also be used in “On the Go” type air seeder treatment systems.

Thorough seed coverage and proper application equipment calibration is essential for good disease control. To achieve thorough coverage, Charter PB may be diluted with water, if needed, into a slurry. Direct appllication into a planter box is prohibited.


“This seed has been treated with Charter PB fungicide seed treatment containing triticonazole and thiram. DO NOT use for food, feed or oil processing. DO NOT plant any crop other than wheat or barley within 30 days of planting Charter PB treated seed.” The date of treatment must also be included on the treated seed label.

DO NOT use the same auger for treating seed that will handle commercial of feed grains.

DO NOT store leftover seed where there is a chance of it becoming mixed with untreated seed. Store treated seed in cool dry conditions.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


DO NOT use treated seed for food, feed or oil processing.

DO NOT store Charter PB near feed or foodstuffs.

DO NOT contaminate feed or foodstuffs.

DO NOT contaminate domestic or irrigation waters.

DO NOT plant any crop not listed on the label within 30 days after planting Charter PB treated seed.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours