General Information


Amulet C-L fruit fly stations are passive bait devices designed to attract, and subsequently kill, certain male Dacine fruit flies responding to the parapheromone Cue-Lure. They attract flies for significant distances and their function is to deplete a population of male fruit flies so females are unable to mate or produce fertile eggs.


Wear gloves when handling Amulet C-L fruit fly stations.

Remove Amulet C-L stations from the sealed packet, separate, and, using twist ties provided, hang each station from a twig within shady foliage of shrubs or trees out of reach of children. Hang in full shade, as exposure to direct sun, wind and heavy rainfall may reduce the effective life of Amulet C-L stations.

For use in fruit fly traps, place one Amulet C-L station per trap. Hang trap in complete shade. Traps may be placed in non-crop vegetation, or in orchard below fruit. Traps used in fruit trees must be removed prior to harvest with mechanical shakers.

Eradication/Suppression Programs

Use 10-20 Amulet C-L stations per acre placing them in a grid pattern at regular intervals throughout the area for treatment. For area-wide treatment, Amulet C-L stations are equally effective when placed in non-host trees.

Aerial distribution should be carried out by helicopter or small aircraft at 25-31 mph ground speed only over inaccessible forest away from waterways. Attach tie to each bait station and shape the free end of the tie into a 1-inch wide hook to hang in trees. Drop single units in transects from 65-100 ft above tree canopy at 2-4 second intervals depending on density required. Aerial application MUST be limited to inaccessible forest AND away from waterways.

Crop Protection

Use 10-20 stations per acre placing them in a grid pattern at regular intervals. If using fruit fly traps in the orchard, cover the entire orchard using 10-20 traps per acre, plus a 75 ft wide treatment zone around the perimeter where possible.


For insecticide resistance management, Amulet C-L stations is a Group 2B insecticide. Some naturally occurring insect biotypes resistant to Amulet C-L stations and other Group 2B insecticides may exist through normal genetic variability in any insect population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the insect population if Amulet C-L stations or other Group 2B insecticides are used repeatedly. The effectiveness of Amulet C-L stations on resistant individuals could be significantly reduced.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Non-crop vegetation


Commence placement in field outside of orchard 6-8 weeks before harvest of crop.

Hang Amulet C-L fruit fly stations by the tie provided, on a twig out of direct sunlight in dense, shaded foliage. Space Amulet C-L stations in a regular interval grid outside of the entire orchard perimeter.

For extended use situations, replace no more frequently than once every 3 months, depending on exposure and weather conditions. Practice good crop hygiene by collecting and destroying all fallen fruit.