General Information


Lorsban 50W insecticide in water soluble packets is designed for use as a cover or foliar spray to control various pests. The pests controlled are listed in the accompanying table. Generally, Lorsban 50W is compatible with insecticides, miticides, and fungicides commonly recommended for agricultural crops except for alkaline materials such as Bordeaux mixture and lime. Prepare a small amount of the spray mixture and check for compatibility before mixing a large volume of spray.

General Use Precautions and Restrictions

- Insect control may be reduced at low spray volumes under high temperature and wind conditions.

- Some reduction in insect control may occur under unusually cool conditions.

- Flood Irrigation: To avoid contamination of irrigation tail waters, do not flood irrigate within 24 hours following application of Lorsban 50W.

- Chemigation: Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

Handling Precautions for Water Soluble Packets: Do not remove water soluble packet from the overpack except for immediate use. Do not allow packets to come into contact with water prior to use. Do not handle water soluble packets with wet hands or wet gloves. Do not open water soluble packets. Partial use of packets is not allowed. Carefully reseal package containing unopened water soluble packets and protect package from moisture.

Application Guidelines

Broadcast Foliar Application

Apply with conventional power-operated spray equipment using nozzles and spray pressures recommended for insecticides. Apply Lorsban 50W in a spray volume of not less than 2 gallons per acre (gpa) for aerial application equipment (fixed wing or helicopter) or not less than 10 gpa for ground equipment, unless otherwise specified. Increase spray volume to ensure adequate coverage with increased density and height of crop canopy.

Ground Application: Orient the boom and nozzles so that uniform coverage is obtained. The swath width should not be wider than the boom. Follow nozzle manufacturer’s recommendations for insecticide nozzles with respect to nozzle type, pressure, and spacing.

Broadcast Soil Application

Apply with conventional power-operated spray equipment that will apply the product uniformly to the soil surface. Use nozzles that produce medium or coarse droplets (235-400 microns). Unless otherwise indicated, a spray volume of 10 gpa or more is recommended. For band application, use proportionally less spray volume.

Aerial Application

Use a minimum spray volume of 2 gpa and follow recommendations for best management practices for aerial application, above.

Marking of swaths by flagging, permanent markers or use of GPS equipment is recommended.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions

Specific Use Directions

Mix with water and apply directly to trunk from a distance of no more than 4 ft using low volume handgun or shielded spray equipment. Do not allow spray to contact foliage or fruit. Up to 2 applications may be made with a minimum spray interval of 14 days between applications.


- Treat only the lower 4 feet of the trunk.

- Do not make more than two applications per year for borer control.

- Do not apply when wind speed is greater than 10 mph.

- If the available residue data submitted in 2002 demonstrates the detection of chlorpyrifos at concentrations greater than 0.01 ppm, then Dow AgroSciences and EPA agree to discuss further mitigation.

Pre-Harvest Interval

28 days