General Information


Adorn Fungicide is formulated as a 4 lb ai/gal suspendable concentrate (SC). The active ingredient in Adorn Fungicide is fluopicolide, which exhibits protective, curative, eradicative and antisporulant activity. Fluopicolide is locally systemic, translaminar and also moves systemically through xylem tissue.

Adorn Fungicide is most effective when applied in a regularly scheduled spray program and used in combination or rotation with other effective fungicides that have a different mode of action (i.e., non Group 43 fungicides).


Adorn Fungicide must be tank mixed for resistance management, with another product that is registered for use against the diseases listed on the label. Adorn Fungicide must be mixed with products containing one of the following active ingredients or other products registered for use against the target disease:

- chlorothalonil

- mancozeb

- propamocarb

- azoxystrobin

- fosetyl-Al

- mefenoxam

- metalaxyl

- etridiazole


The large number of existing ornamental species and their varieties and cultivars coupled with the constant introduction of new varieties makes it impossible to field test Adorn Fungicide in every locale where it is sold or in all of the combinations of location and plant varieties. Further differences include the soil or media type; pH; moisture or fertility; environmental conditions such as temperature, lighting or degree days; horticultural practice; the manner of use and application of this product. To ensure that Adorn Fungicide is compatible with the ornamental plant variety or cultivar under your specific conditions, test on a limited scale and observe for phytotoxicity or other unintended effects for two weeks before making large scale applications.

Adorn Fungicide has been evaluated on the plant species listed in Table 1, and may be applied as directed to these species. If a desired plant species is not listed, users should evaluate the safety of Adorn Fungicide on a small number of plants under commercial growing conditions and monitor plant response for four to six weeks for phytotoxicity. Testing Adorn Fungicide on a small number of plants will determine if it can be used safely on a widespread basis. Adorn Fungicide has provided control of pathogens referenced in Table 1 and listed in Table 2.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Adorn Fungicide prevents water mold, root rot, stem rot, crown rot and damping off caused by oomycete diseases in ornamental plants. Adorn Fungicide is mixed with water and applied as a soil drench at the time of seeding or transplanting.

Adorn Fungicide may be used on container, bench, or bed grown ornamentals in greenhouses, lathhouses, shadehouses or outdoor nurseries, on conifers including Christmas trees and on ornamentals grown in outdoor landscapes.

Special Instructions

Apply before disease development. Use the higher rate when treating plants with a high potential for disease development. If necessary, reapply after 14 to 28 days.

For resistance management, Adorn Fungicide must be tank mixed with the labeled rate of another labeled fungicide product that has a different mode of action.

Do not apply more than two (2) applications of Adorn Fungicide per cropping cycle.

Sequential Application: Do not apply sequentially, alternate with another fungicide registered for use on ornamentals.

Special Instructions

Foliar Application: Use between 2 to 4 fl oz/100 gallons for foliar applications. 100 gallons of spray solution will treat approximately 20,000 sq ft of area. Apply the spray solution to all plant surfaces and to the point of runoff.

Drench Application: Use between 1 to 4 fl oz/100 gallons for drench applications. Use enough solution to wet the root zones of plants. Use the information below as a guide for drench application.

Container grown plants: Apply in volume as listed. For pot sizes other than those listed, adjust volume accordingly.

Plants grown in flats or beds: Apply at a volume of 1 to 2 pints per square foot of soil surface (5 to 10 qts of solution per 10 sq ft).

- For hand harvesting, thinning, pruning and pinching of cut flowers, a 6-day reentry interval following the last application of Adorn Fungicide must be observed.

NOTE: Since ornamental varieties are numerous, constantly changing and may react differently to Adorn Fungicide and tank mixtures including Adorn Fungicide, test on a small number of plants before making large scale applications.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours