General Information


Onager 2E Ovicide/Miticide is recommended for use as a foliar application in labeled crops. Onager /Miticide provides effective control of major spider mite species. It is an emulsifiable concentrate to be mixed with water and applied as a spray.

Onager controls mites through activity on eggs and immature stages. Control is achieved from either direct contact with the spray or from contact with treated plant surfaces. Through its ovicidal activity, Onager controls newly deposited mite eggs and eggs which are laid after application. Onager is also highly effective in controlling immature motile stages of target mite species that are sprayed or move onto treated surfaces. Adult mites are not directly affected. However, eggs produced by females in contact with treated surfaces will be rendered inviable. Onager provides extended residual control of pest mite species without disrupting beneficial insects and mites. The degree and duration of control is dependent on the rate used, growth stage of the mite, species of mite, and climatic conditions under which the material is applied.

Managing Mite Resistance: Repeated use of miticides with similar modes of action may lead to buildup of resistant strains of mites. For resistance management, apply Onager only once per year. To reduce the potential for developing mite resistance, do not apply a miticide with a similar mode of action more than once per year (Onager and Apollo should not be applied to the same crop in any one year). If additional miticide applications are needed, use a product with a different mode of action, such as a contact adulticide. Read and follow product label before applying any miticide.


As is common with most emulsifiable concentrate formulations, adverse effects such as spotting or discoloration of the treated surfaces can occur. Some conditions known to contribute to phytotoxicity include, but are not limited to, high temperatures, poor spray drying conditions, excessive spray deposit or run-off, certain spray mixtures, stage of crop development or tank mixes with other pesticides.


- Do not graze or feed livestock on cover crops growing in treated areas.

- Do not use water from treated fields for irrigating other crops.

- Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

- Onager is an emulsifiable concentrate to be diluted with water for application in commercial plantings only.

- Apply Onager prior to adult mite build up. Onager will not control adult spider mites. Use higher rates on moderate to high mite infestations or for larger plants with a dense canopy. If adult mites are present in medium to high populations, better results may be obtained using Onager in combination with a registered contact adulticide. The use of less than label rates is not recommended with Onager.

- Do not plant rotational crops other than those on the label within 120 days of this application.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Apply Onager before boll opening and prior to adult mite buildup. Complete coverage of foliage is essential to optimal performance.

Pre-Harvest Interval

35 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours