General Information


Mepiquat Chloride 4.2% Liquid is a foliar applied plant regulator. Benefits derived from the use of this product include increased boll retention, reduced plant height which provides a more open canopy, less boll rot, improved defoliation, less trash, and darker leaf color. These benefits can provide for earlier maturity and often result in improved yields.


Growers may use single or multiple applications. Application rates per acre are dependent on the number of applications to be made and growing conditions. Multiple applications of low rates provide maximum flexibility under a wide range of growing conditions. This product should not be applied to plants under stress. If stress is alleviated, plants should be evaluated for vegetative growth before additional applications are made. This product may be tank mixed with insecticides/miticides when application timings coincide. (SEE RESTRICTIONS AND LIMITATIONS.)

Fields should be carefully scouted. This product should not be applied if plants are under any form of stress. In the absence of stress, a maximum of five low rate applications can be made each season. The first application can be applied at the matchhead square stage. The rate and timing of subsequent applications depend on growing conditions and desired benefits. Under good growing conditions, additional treatments (2-4 fl. oz. per acre) can be made at 7-14 day intervals. The higher rates (4-12 fl. oz. per acre) should be used if growth is excessive. Do not use more than a total of 48 fl. oz. of Mepiquat Chloride 4.2% Liquid per acre in a growing season.


Thorough Coverage Is Required.


Areas other than California:

Ground Application – Use a minimum of 2 gallons/acre.

Aerial Application – Use a minimum of 2 gallons/acre.

California Only:

Ground Application – Use a minimum of 5 gallons/acre.

Aerial Application – Use a minimum of 5 gallons/acre.


Use a minimum total oil volume of 2 pints/acre for Ultra Low Volume (ULV) aerial application. Application in oil is permitted only in AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MO, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN and TX. Use a nonphytotoxic oil concentrate which contains either a petroleum or vegetable oil base, contains only EPA-exempt ingredients and has been used successfully in your locality. The oil diluent should contain emulsifiers which provide good mixing quality. If using a vegetable oil based product, only highly refined concentrates should be used. Mix under constant agitation. Pour one half of the required volume of oil into the spray tank, and then pour in the Mepiquat Chloride 4.2% Liquid while the remainder of the oil is added. Constant agitation is required during and after mixing and during application.


- Insect or mite damage to treated crops can lead to yield decreases or other undesirable effects.

- Do not apply this product to cotton that is under stress. If using low rate multiple applications, discontinue use until your crop has overcome any stress.

- The sum of all products and formulations containing mepiquat chloride must not exceed 0.132 lbs. of mepiquat chloride per acre per season.

- Do not plant another crop within 75 days after last treatment.

- Do not graze or feed cotton forage to livestock.

- This product contains a dye and effectiveness is not related to the color of the spray solution.

- Do not tank mix with other products other than those mentioned under \"COMPATIBILITY (see the label).\"

- Do not apply this product through any type of irrigation system.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Texas and Oklahoma only

Areas with a history of excessive vegetative growth:

Third Application For Control of Excessive Vegetative Growth: Make a third application in 1-2 weeks if conditions favor vigorous growth after the second application.

Pre-Harvest Interval

30 days

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours