General Information


Use this product according to \"DIRECTIONS FOR USE\". This product can be applied from aircraft and ground spraying equipment. Depending upon equipment used and the specific crop, the volume applied per acre differs. Refer to the general \"MINIMUM RECOMMENDED SPRAY VOLUME\" table in the label.


The specific instructions are based on general application procedures. The recommendations of the State Agricultural Extension Service should be closely followed as to timing, frequency and number of sprays per season.


Bacterial Ice Nucleation Inhibitor: Application of this product made to all crops listed on the label at rates and stages of growth indicated on the label, at least 24 hours prior to anticipated frost conditions, will afford control of ice nucleating bacteria (Pseudomonas syringae, Erwinia herbicola and Pseudomonas fluorescens) and may thereby provide some protection against light frost. The degree of frost protection will vary with weather conditions and other factors. Not recommended for those geographical areas where weather conditions favor severe frost.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


USE INSTRUCTIONS: On susceptible varieties apply when the first Spring flush appears and each flush thereafter. Application to the fruit should start after two-thirds of the petals have fallen and be repeated on a 21 day schedule.

Note: Adding foliar nutritionals to spray mixtures containing this product or other products and applying to Citrus during the post bloom period when young fruit is present may result in spray burn. Do not use this product on Citrus seedlings grown in greenhouses or shadehouses.

Restricted Entry Interval

24 hours