General Information


HURDLE 3.8 ACS herbicide is recommended for preemergence control of grasses and certain broadleaf weed species as they germinate.

HURDLE 3.8 ACS can be used in and around field, liner, and container grown ornamental nurseries.

HURDLE 3.8 ACS will not control established weeds. Therefore, areas to be treated should be free of established weeds at the time of treatment, or HURDLE 3.8 ACS may be used in conjunction with herbicides registered for postemergence use in noncropland areas and ornamental sites. Consult the labels of those herbicides for suggested treatments, rates to be used and precautions or restrictions for use in these areas.

The efficacy of HURDLE 3.8 ACS will improve if the application is followed by one-half inch of rainfall or its equivalent in sprinkler irrigation. If HURDLE 3.8 ACS is not activated by rainfall or irrigation within 30 days, erratic weed control may result.

Applied according to label directions and under normal growing conditions, HURDLE 3.8 ACS herbicide or HURDLE 3.8 ACS herbicide tank-mix combinations will not cause crop injury. Overapplication can result in crop stand loss, crop injury, or soil residues. Uneven application can decrease weed control or cause crop injury.

Seedling diseases, cold weather, excessive moisture, high soil pH, high soil salt concentration, or drought can weaken seedlings and plants, and increase the possibility of plant damage from HURDLE 3.8 ACS.


Uniformly apply with properly calibrated ground equipment in sufficient water per acre to uniformly treat the area with a spray pressure of 25 to 50 psi. Maintain continuous agitation during spraying with good mechanical or bypass agitation. Avoid overlaps that will increase rates above those recommended. Avoid application when winds may cause drift.

Avoid unintentional contact of spray solution with driveways, stone, wood, or other porous surfaces. Rinse immediately with water to avoid staining. Avoid mechanically scrubbing until surface area is thoroughly rinsed.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions



HURDLE 3.8 ACS sprays are safe around and over the top of the established plants listed including around field, liner, and container grown ornamental nurseries. However, not all varieties or strains of the plants listed have been tested.

Unintentional consequences such as crop injury may result because of certain environmental or growing conditions, manner of use or application. Therefore, before treating a large number of plants, spray a few plants and observe for plant damage prior to full-scale application.


- Apply HURDLE 3.8 ACS to established plantings of at least 1 year old or more.

- DO NOT make over-the-top applications to liners or transplants using HURDLE 3.8 ACS.

- DO NOT make applications to grafted (or budded) liners at any time.

- DO NOT apply HURDLE 3.8 ACS to liners or transplants during bud break or at time of first flush of new growth.

- DIRECT sprays to soil when making applications to established liners or transplants. DO NOT allow spray to cover or penetrate foliage and/or buds or injury is likely to occur.

- DELAY applying HURDLE 3.8 ACS to seedbeds, transplant beds, or liners until plants have become well rooted. Care must be taken that soil or planting mixes has settled firmly following transplanting and that there are no cracks that would allow direct contact of HURDLE 3.8 ACS with roots. With plants on established rootstock, an application of HURDLE 3.8 ACS can be made prior to budding/grafting the plants.

- Plant only those desirable plant species listed on the label into soil treated the previous season with HURDLE 3.8 ACS or injury may occur.

- For container grown ornamentals, delay first application of this product to bareroot liners 2-4 weeks after transplanting.

- DO NOT APPLY HURDLE 3.8 ACS in greenhouses, shadehouses or other enclosed structures.

It is recommended that treated plants be evaluated for 1-2 months prior to making application to a large number of plants.

Refer to APPLICATION RATE TABLE 1 in the label (Weed Species Controlled) for rates.


Emerged weeds in ornamentals can be controlled using tank mixes containing Roundup, Finale, Ornamec, Gallery, Princep, and other similar products.

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