General Information


HAWAII: Use is limited to ornamentals grown in interiorscapes, greenhouses, lath and shade houses, containers, or other enclosed structures.

NASSAU AND SUFFOLK COUNTIES, NEW YORK: Use is limited to ornamentals grown in interiorscapes, greenhouses, lath and shade houses, containers, or other enclosed structures.


Medallion is a protective fungicide used to aid in the control of soil-borne diseases. Medallion contains fludioxonil which is in the phenylpyrrole class of chemistry and has a unique mode of action, which prevents fungal respiration (Fungicide Action Group 12). Fungal isolates with acquired resistance to Group 12 may eventually dominate the fungal population if Group 12 fungicides are used repeatedly or in successive years as the primary method of control for targeted species. This may result in partial or total loss of control of those species by fludioxonil or other Group 12 fungicides. A disease management program that includes alternation or tank mixes between Medallion and other labeled fungicides that have a different mode of action may prevent pathogen populations from developing resistance. Sanitation and other cultural practices to minimize disease are also recommended to aid in control, as well as to assist in preventing/delaying resistance development.


For applications of Medallion as soil drench applications only. Do not use in overhead irrigation systems.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Medallion is a protectant fungicide for control of certain foliar, stem, and root diseases in ornamentals grown in interiorscapes, field nursery plantings, container nurseries, forest nurseries, residential and commercial landscapes, greenhouses, lath and shade houses, or other enclosed structures.

HAWAII ONLY: For use only on ornamentals grown in containers, greenhouse or other enclosed structures.

Medallion controls foliar diseases of ornamentals caused by Rhizoctonia spp., Botrytis spp., Cercospora spp., Alternaria spp., Septoria spp., and Myrothecium spp. when applied on a regular schedule as a full coverage spray.

Medallion also will provide control of stem and root diseases caused by Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp., (e.g., oxysporum), Cylindrocladium spp., Sclerotium spp., and Thielaviopsis spp., when mixed with the potting media or as a drench to the root zone of plants.

For control of stem and root diseases caused by Pythium spp. and Phytophthora spp., tank mix Medallion with labeled rates of Subdue MAXX. See mixing instructions for these tank mixes.

Maximum Use Rates

For indoor drench applications, use up to 30 oz. of Medallion per 1,000 sq. ft. (80 lbs. product/A) per year or crop cycle. Applications to pre-potting mix can be made up to 4 oz. of Medallion per cu. yd.

The high use rates recommended for container nurseries, greenhouses, or other enclosed structures are due to the high organic matter soil mixes used in these systems and the high binding affinity of Medallion for organic matter.

For field grown and landscape ornamentals, apply up to a maximum of 1.5 oz./1,000 ft.2/year (4 lbs. product/A/year). For outdoor container grown ornamentals, apply up to a maximum of 3 oz./1,000 ft.2/year (8 lbs. product/A/year).

Plant Species

Medallion has been tested and found to be safe on the ornamentals listed in this table at recommended rates. For plants not listed in the table, see the NOTICE TO USER box at the bottom of the table in the label.


- Drench or at seedling applications to Impatiens or New Guinea Impatiens may cause stunting and/or chlorosis.

- Foliar or drench applications to some Geranium varieties may cause stunting or chlorosis at higher rates. Responses may vary depending on environmental conditions. Medallion should be tested on a limited area to evaluate for any possible damage before proceeding with treatment of the entire crop.

Restricted Entry Interval

12 hours

Exception: If the product is applied by drenching, the Worker Protection Standard, under certain circumstances, allows workers to enter the treated area if there will be no contact with anything that has been treated.