General Information



Hurricane is a protectant fungicide to be used as a drench for control of certain stem and root diseases in ornamentals grown in greenhouses, containers, and other enclosed structures. Best disease control will be obtained with preventative applications.

Hurricane controls stem and root diseases of ornamentals caused by Rhizoctonia spp., Phytophthora spp. and Pythium spp. when applied as a drench to the root zone of ornamentals or when mixed with potting media before planting or transplanting.

For control of Cylindrocladium spp., Thielaviopsis spp., Fusarium spp., and Sclerotium spp., add Medallion 50WG at 1 oz./100 gals. as a tank mix with Hurricane.

Note: Hurricane contains a systemic fungicide which has a specific mode of action. Use of Hurricane could result in development of insensitive strains of fungi. Development of insensitivity cannot be predicted. Therefore, Syngenta cannot assume liability for crop damage resulting from insensitive strains of fungi. Consult with your state Agricultural Experiment Station or Extension Service Specialist for guidance on ways to control any possible insensitive strains of fungi which may occur.

Maximum Use Rate

For applications to ornamentals grown in greenhouses, containers, and other enclosed structures, use up to 46 oz. of Hurricane per 1,000 sq. ft. per year or crop cycle can be used. Do not apply more than 2 pts. of drench mixture per square ft. per application. If Hurricane is supplemented with applications of Medallion Fungicide do not apply more than 40 lbs. a.i./A of fludioxonil per year or crop cycle. Applications to pre-potting mix can be made at up to 6.25 oz. of Hurricane per cu. yd. of potting mix.

California only: For indoor applications, up to 5 oz. of Hurricane per 1,000 sq. ft. (4.4 lb. ai) per year or crop cycle may be used.

The high use rates recommended for interiorscapes, green houses, containers, and other enclosed structures are due to the high organic matter soil mixes used in these systems and the high binding affinity of one of the active ingredients in Hurricane for organic matter.

When using Hurricane for ornamental crops grown in the ground, up to 12.5 pounds of Hurricane/acre/year may be used.

If using Hurricane in a tank mixture, observe all directions for use, crop/sites, use rates, dilution ratios, precautions, limitations, etc, which appear on the tank mix product label. No label dosage rate should be exceeded, and the most restrictive product label precautions and limitations in the mixture should be followed. Hurricane should not be mixed with any product which prohibits such mixing. Tank mixtures or other applications of products referenced on the label are permitted only in those states in which the referenced products are labeled.

Limitations, Restrictions, and Exceptions


Pre-Potting Growing Media Drench

Hurricane can be mixed with the potting media before seeding or transplanting by uniformly mixing 1 1/2 oz. Hurricane in 1/2 -1 gal. (or 3 packets per 1-2 gallons) of water and drenching this mixture into one cu. yd. of potting media. It is recommended that the proper Hurricane solution be made just before the plants are seeded or potted up. Uniform mixing can be accomplished by placing the potting mix in a rotating drum and drenching the Hurricane solution in the mix while the drum is rotating.

Plant Species

The active ingredients in Hurricane have been tested and found to be safe on the ornamentals listed when used at recommended rates. For plants not listed see the \"Notice to User\" box at the bottom of the table in the label.

Note: Applications to Impatiens, New Guinea Impatiens, Pothos, Geraniums and Easter Lily may cause stunting and/or chlorosis.

NOTICE TO USER: Plant tolerance to Hurricane has been found to be acceptable for the specific genera and species listed on the label. Due to the large number of species and varieties of ornamentals and nursery plants, it is impossible to test every one for tolerance to Hurricane. Neither the Manufacturer nor the Seller has determined whether or not Hurricane can be used safely on ornamental plants not specified on the label. The professional user should determine if Hurricane can be used safely prior to commercial use. In a small area, test the recommended rates on a small number of plants for phytotoxicity prior to widespread use.

Restricted Entry Interval

48 hours

Exception: If the product is applied by drenching, the Worker Protection Standard, under certain circumstances, allows workers to enter the treated area if there will be no contact with anything that has been treated.